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"An atmosphere of violence and tension affects children deeply"

[09/02/07 10:00] "Being stopped on the street and being body-searched by a soldier can leave an imprint for years. Younger human beings have less ability to see the context and understand why people behave the way they do - their time perspective is different," said Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg...

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"The death penalty is brutalising for society"

[05/02/07 11:00] In an opening address to the Third World Congress Against the Death Penalty (1-3 February, Paris), Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg said that politicians should take a leading role in educating the public about the real nature of the death penalty. "They should make clear that this...

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"The HIV/AIDS pandemic is a serious human rights concern"

[25/01/07 14:00] In an address to the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly, Commissioner Hammarberg spoke about the human rights dimension of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. "A large section of the infected population does not receive the necessary anti-retroviral treatment or psychological support....

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Commissioner Hammarberg meets Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

[22/01/07 18:30] Commissioner Hammarberg today met with the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, who was in Strasbourg to address the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly. The Patriarch and the Commissioner discussed the state of inter-religious dialogue in Europe and in particular, religious...

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"All forms of violence against children must be banned"

[23/01/07 17:30] In an address to the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly today, Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg said the work in the field of child protection has to focus on implementation. “The first necessary step is to legally ban any kind of violence against children, whether it takes...

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Commissioner comments on complaints of "decertified" police officers in Bosnia and Herzegovina

[22/01/07 11:30] "A constructive approach is required by all parties to resolve the urgent problem related to the barring of police officers from duty 'for life' after the UN-conducted vetting process between 1996-2002. I would encourage the UN Security Council to look into this matter again,"...

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Commissioner sends his condolences to Turkish newspaper Agos

[22/01/07 15:30] In a letter to the bilingual Turkish-Armenian newspaper Agos, whose editor Hrant Dink was killed last Friday, Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg expressed his deep condolences. "Mr Dink has been an outstanding individual and an inspiring intellectual whose work I have followed with...

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Commissioner consults ombudsmen on concrete support for the control mechanism of the European Convention of Human Rights

[15/01/07 14:00] In a preliminary consultation with ombudsmen, Commissioner Hammarberg proposed enhanced cooperation as part of an effort to support the long-term effectiveness of the European Convention of Human Rights control mechanism.

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Country visit

Commissioner Hammarberg to assess human rights situation in Albania

26/10/07 Strasbourg

Starting Monday 29 October, Thomas Hammarberg will pay a five-day high-level official visit to Albania to assess the overall human rights situation in the country. Mr Hammarberg's agenda focuses on a broad range of issues including the functioning of the judiciary, conditions of detention,...

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Country visit

Commissioner Hammarberg visits Armenia to assess the respect for human rights

05/10/2007 Strasbourg

The Commissioner for Human Rights starts on Sunday 7 October a 5-day high-level official visit to Armenia to assess the human rights situation in the country. At the centre of Mr Hammarberg's agenda there will be a broad range of human rights issues, including the functioning of the judiciary,...

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Country visit observations

Armenia: Commissioner presents preliminary human rights observations

15/07/2007 Strasbourg

Commissioner Hammarberg has concluded on 11 October a five-day high-level official visit to Armenia, where he assessed a broad range of human rights issues, focusing mainly on the functioning of the judiciary, conditions of detention, cases of torture and ill-treatment, freedom of expression, as...

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Meeting in Stockholm

Commissioner Hammarberg holds discussions in Sweden

30/10/2006 Strasbourg

Last week, Mr Hammarberg was in Stockholm for discussions with Ms. Nyamko Sabuni, Minister for Gender Equity, Integration and Human Rights. He also met Mr Goran Lennmarker, President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly to exchange ideas on the issue of OSCE/Council of Europe cooperation and the...

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TV interview

Commissioner speaks to Slovenian media about situation of Roma

09/11/2006 Strasbourg

In the aftermath of the recent removal of a 31-member Roma community in the Slovenian village of Ambrus, Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg spoke to the Slovenian public television RTV about the situation of Roma in Europe. The Commissioner said trends are worsening across Europe as an estimated half...

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Visit to Turkey

Commissioner Hammarberg concludes visit to Turkey

04/11/2006 Strasbourg

On 4 November, Commissioner Hammarberg concluded a four-day contact visit to Turkey to discuss human rights issues with senior government leaders, judicial authorities and civil society representatives. In the course of the visit, he met Mr. Abdullah Gul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of...

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Visit to Armenia

Commissioner Hammarberg goes to Armenia

13/10/2006 Strasbourg

Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg began a 3-day contact visit in the Republic of Armenia. He will discuss human rights issues with Armenia's highest authorities, including the President, Mr. Robert Khocharian, the Foreign Minister, Mr. Vartan Oskanian, the President of the National Assembly, Mr....

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Visit to Georgia

Commissioner for Human Rights concludes Georgia visit

12/07/2006 Strasbourg

Commissioner Hammarberg today returned from a contact visit in Tbilisi where he discussed the Georgian human rights situation with the highest state officials, parliamentarians, judicial authorities and NGOs. Among others, he held meetings with President Mikheil Saakashvili, Prime Minister Zurab...

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Visit to Hungary

Thomas Hammarberg visits Hungary

22/05/2006 Strasbourg

Human Rights Commissioner Hammarberg will today make a contact visit to Hungary. In Budapest, he will meet with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Justice, Minister of Child, Youth, Equal Opportunities and Social Affairs, and Minister of the Interior. Thomas Hammarberg will also pay a...

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Visit to Azerbaijan

The Commissioner for Human Rights to visit Azerbaijan

05/05/2006 Strasbourg

From 5-7 May the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, Mr Thomas Hammarberg, will travel to Azerbaijan to attend the international conference of Ombudspersons "The development prospects and state of cooperation to improve Human Rights protection" in Baku. The event organised by...

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