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Country visit report

Slovenia should pursue its efforts to protect vulnerable people

11/07/2017 Strasbourg

“Slovenia has undertaken a number of initiatives in recent years to address major human rights issues concerning migrants, Roma, the “erased” and people living in poverty. It is crucial to reinforce these efforts to ensure that no one is left behind and the human rights of all are upheld”, said...

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Country visit

Slovenia: More should be done to ensure that Roma, migrants and those in poverty are not left behind

23/03/2017 Ljubljana

During his visit in Slovenia from 20 to 23 March, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muižnieks, examined the situation of Roma, migrants and asylum seekers and of the increasing number of people living in poverty in the country. He stressed the centrality of human rights...

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Slovenia: Commissioner concerned about adoption of amendments to Aliens Act that violate human rights

27/01/2017 Strasbourg

“While the latest legislative revisions introduce an individualised identification procedure, I remain concerned that the amendments to the Slovenian Aliens Act adopted yesterday violate Slovenia’s international human rights obligations, as I stated in my recent letter to the President of the...

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Slovenia: Parliament must ensure that legislative reform on migrants complies with human rights obligations

17/01/2017 Strasbourg

“Slovenian parliamentarians should reject amendments to the Aliens Act that are contrary to international human rights and refugee protection standards by which Slovenia is bound”, said today Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, while releasing a letter addressed to...

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Slovenia : Justice has to be done for all the erased

[Strasbourg, 19/10/2013 09:30] – Twenty two years have passed since the erasure of more than 25 000 persons from the Slovene Register of Permanent Residents, a decision which caused serious violations of human rights and grave suffering of the individuals concerned and their families. As a...

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