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Strengthening participatory democracy and human rights at local level in Georgia

Georgia, Decembre 2020 - Decembre 2023

Civil participation in local decision-making is a vital aspect of democracy. It allows citizens to make their voices heard and influence decisions that are affecting their daily life. While participatory decision-making has emerged, and a legal framework was developed in Georgia over the past decade, awareness and implementation of the different mechanisms of participation have yet to be enhanced in the local contexts.

In this context, the Division of Elections and Civil Society (DGII) together with the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, initiated a new three-year project titled "Strengthening participatory democracy and human rights at the local level in Georgia". The aim is to improve the legal framework for citizen participation, enhance existing mechanisms and to promote new tools of citizen participation together with civil society actors and local authorities in different regions of Georgia. Furthermore, capacities of local authorities and the National Association of Local Authorities (NALAG) should be strengthened to effectively integrate and implement human rights standards and practices in their policies and strategies. Local inclusion and equal opportunities for all as well as a gender perspective in local policies should be implemented to eliminate discrimination.

The Division of Elections and Civil Society Directorate of Democracy (DGII) will focus on component I – strengthening participatory democracy, whereas the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities will focus on component II – improving human rights aspects in selected municipalities in Georgia. Both components complement each other and are pillars of a well-functioning democratic society.

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Promoting civil participation in democratic decision-making 

Ukraine, December 2018 –  August 2020

Following a pilot project implemented in Kyiv, which successfully tested joint trainings of public authorities’ and civil society’s representatives in the framework of an Academy of civil participation, and created a NGOs Platform, a new project started and aims to further strengthen already established dialogue and cooperation. The new project is being implemented in Kyiv and in some other municipalities. It supports the objectives reflected in the Council of Europe Action Plan for Ukraine for 2018 – 2021.

In order to achieve the desired impact, the project will enhance the national institutional and policy frameworks for civil society development in Ukraine, as well as the local capacity and practice of public officials and NGOs on civil participation. The project will work in close cooperation with the Cabinet of Ministers, the specialized Verhovna Rada Committee, the Kyiv City Council and districts, pilot municipalities in Ukraine, Kyiv Center of Public Communications and NGOs.

The Council of Europe’s standards and tools on civil participation will be explained and promoted, and best European practices will be collected and disseminated.

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