In the framework of the Council of Europe response to the challenges presented by COVID-19 outbreak, the Council of Europe Project “Promoting Civil Participation in the Democratic Decision-Making Process in Ukraine” is launching a 3-month comprehensive online mentoring programme for local and regional-level officials and civil society leaders.

Programme objectives:

  • improve participants’ dialogue with other stakeholders in the decision-making process;
  • enhance their skills essential for their professional performance;
  • advance their personal development plans.

Call for participants (Ukraine): April 2020.
Deadline for applications: 30 April 2020.
Programme duration: May - July 2020.
Eligible applicants: local and regional public officials, CSO leaders from Ukraine (participants from other Council of Europe Member States will be invited at the later stage).
Priority will be given to the alumni of the Council of Europe Academy of Civil Participation.

Areas of mentorship support:

  • international standards and strategies of citizens’ engagement;
  • democratic innovation and civic participation
  • public consultations for inclusive decision-making;
  • government relations, advocacy and lobbying;
  • communications and public relations;
  • donor relations and international advocacy;
  • leadership in a challenging environment;
  • project management in the public sector.

Successful applicants should be able to:

  • demonstrate their positive track record of making an impact on their communities;
  • outline their specific project or case relevant to their current professional activity that they aim to advance in the course of the mentoring programme;
  • identify the mentorship area of their priority and a secondary area of interest;
  • describe how they will be able to share their newly acquired skills and knowledge with their professional networks.

The number of selected participants will be determined based on the resources available for the programme.

Programme agenda

  • online audit of participants’ skills to help identify their current level of mastery in the target areas as well as existing challenges and potential solutions;
  • elaboration of personal development plans arising from the audit, understanding of the CoE values and of possibility of their incorporating into the specific personal and professional development area, under mentors’ guidance;
  • training courses, selected reading and other resources recommended by mentors and targeting specific skills participants seek to improve;
  • individual consultations with mentors aimed at addressing participants’ objectives, obstacles in pursuing their personal development plans as well as specific projects/cases they are working on during the mentoring programme;
  • final general session where the participants will present their programme results and exchange feedback with other participants and mentors.

Programme design

  • Under the programme, every participant is assigned a mentor in the area he or she is most interested to advance.
  • Individual consultations are preceded by a week of participants’ independent study of online courses, recommended reading and other e-learning resources suggested by the mentors.
  • The participants are expected to work with their mentors on strengthening specific skills and applicability of democratic values in general and those of the CoE in particular in the framework of their ongoing projects/cases.
  • Individual consultations take place on a weekly basis and can be scheduled in a flexible manner, as agreed by both parties. They can also be substituted or accompanied by written communication.
  • To ensure accountability, participants are expected to keep their mentors updated on the progress of implementing their projects and to present their final or interim results to the program cohort and mentors during the final general session of the programme.

The number of selected participants will be determined based on the resources available for the programme.

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