William MASSOLIN, Head of Office

Giulia RE, Deputy Head of Office

 Natalia MOGHILDA, Communication Officer

Inesa DOROGAN, Assistant to the Head of Office

Veaceslav TIMBALISTRU, Finance and Office Management Assistant

Ludmila SURDU, Finance and Office Management Assistant

Andrei LEAHU, Driver




Education for Democracy in the Republic of Moldova

  Dumitru LAZUR, Senior Project Officer

 Denis OLARU, Project Assistant 

Preventing and protecting children from violence including in the digital environment in the Republic of Moldova

 Angelica RUSSU, Senior Project Officer

 Cristina LELIC, Project Assistant 


Promoting European standards in the audio-visual regulation of the Republic of Moldova

 Ana CHIRIACProject Coordinator

 Lilia MANASTIRLIProject Assistant 


Improving electoral practice in the Republic of Moldova

 Sergiu TATAROV, Senior Project Officer

 Irina BUZUProject Assistant 


Enhancing Diversity and Equality

 Elena MOISEI, Project Officer

 Carolina PRISACARU, Project Assistant


Strengthening the Human Rights Compliant Criminal Justice System in the Republic of Moldova

 Nelea BUGAEVSKI, Senior Project Officer

 Aliona COJOCARU, Project Officer

 Nicoleta MORARU, Project Assistant


Strengthening the prison and probation reforms, provision of health care and the treatment of patients in closed institutions in the Republic of Moldova

 Violeta FRUNZE, Senior Project Officer

 Stanislav PAVLOVSCHI, Project Officer

 Ala CONDROVA, Project Assistant 


Supporting the implementation of the Istanbul Convention in the Republic of Moldova

 Emilia CEBOTARI, Senior Project Officer

 Elena SCURTU, Project Assistant 




Support to further strengthening the efficiency and quality of the judicial system in the Republic of Moldova

 Ruslan GREBENCEA, Senior Project Officer 

  Tatiana TRIBOLO, Project Assistant 


Strengthening the capacities of the justice sector actors to deliver justice in line with European standards, in particular to fight discrimination in the Republic of Moldova

Diana CEALIC, Senior Project Officer

  Diana GUDIUC, Project Assistant 


Strengthening access to justice for victims of discrimination, hate crime and hate speech in the Eastern Partnership

Maja STOJANOVIC, Senior Project Officer

  Mirela  CHIRIAC, Project Assistant