William MASSOLIN, Head of Office

 Eva GUTJAHR, Deputy Head of Office

Inesa DOROGAN, Assistant to the Head of Office

Veaceslav TIMBALISTRU, Finance and Office Management Assistant

Ludmila SURDU, Finance and Office Management Assistant

Andrei LEAHU, Driver

Education for democracy in the Republic of Moldova

  Dumitru LAZUR, Senior Project Officer

 Lilia MANASTÎRLÎ, Project Assistant

Protecting children from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse in the Republic of Moldova

Lucia POPESCU, Project Officer

Victoria FONARI, Project Assistant

Strengthening the access to justice for victims of discrimination, hate crime and hate speech in EaP countries (Regional PGG Project)

Diana CEALIC, Senior Project Officer

Controlling Corruption through Law Enforcement and Prevention (CLEP)

 Giulia RE, Project Manager

 Nadejda PLAMADEALA, Senior Project Officer

Veaceslav PALADI, Linguistic Assistant

Promoting a human rights-compliant criminal justice system in the Republic of Moldova

Oleg SOLDATOV, Programme Manager

 Violeta FRUNZE, Senior Project Officer

 Ala CONDROVA, Project Assistant

Nelea BUGAEVSKI, Senior Project Officer