What is the project?

Promoting European standards in the audio-visual regulation of the Republic of Moldova” project-is a follow-up to the EU-CoE Joint Programme “Promoting Media Freedom and Pluralism in the Republic of Moldova”, implemented by the Council of Europe during December 2016 - February 2019, which achieved significant results that now need to be further enhanced.

The project aims to strengthen media pluralism and ensure an independent and professional public broadcaster committed to neutrality, which are essential pillars for fulfilling the country’s democratic reforms agenda.

  What do we aim to achieve?

Duration of the project Duration of the project
 March 2020 – April 2021
Project contacts Project contacts

Ana Chiriac

Project Coordinator

Ana.CHIRIAC[at] coe.int


Lilia Manastirli

Project Assistant 

Lilia.MANASTIRLI[at] coe.int