Progress assessment on management reorganisation in three pilot prisons in Moldova

Chisinau, Republic of Moldova 04 June 2021
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Progress assessment on management reorganisation in three pilot prisons in Moldova

A progress assessment of the piloting of a revised management of tasks with the focus on resocialization of inmates and dynamic security in three prisons - Prison no. 7 - Rusca (women), Prison no. 10 - Goian (juveniles) and Prison no. 1 - Taraclia (male adults) - was conducted online and noted a good progress in the implementation of the Action Plans for the three prisons and the National Administration of Penitentiaries (NAP).  

The assessment was part of the piloting initiative conducted throughout 2020 under the auspices of the previous Council of Europe Programme on criminal justice (2018 - 2021), and of the Norwegian Mission of Rule of Law Advisers to Moldova (NORLAM) (2007-2017).

The progress achieved in implementing the Action Plan over the past 6 months was reviewed and assessed, and guidance for further steps was provided by Council of Europe consultants. The consultants highlighted that despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic extended for the entire duration of the activity, there was a high level of commitment in the pilot prisons to achieve planned goals. The Change Management Teams gained a good grasp of the tasks and took on the responsibilities from the Action Plans,and manifested a proactive approach in implementing them. Also, the pilot prisons enhanced their communication with the NAP, oriented at the implementation of the plans, this being a very good indicator of systemic progress achieved.

The next steps for the implementation of Action Plans were established as a part of the assessment.

The assessment carried out in close cooperation with representatives of the Ministry of Justice, NAP senior management as well as by Change Management Teams of NAP and pilot prisons, consisting of directors and deputy directors, and managers of various directorates, sections and services (human resources, security and penitentiary regime, social reintegration, evidence of detainees, safeguarding and escort, legal service, etc.).

The activity was organised from 2 to 4 June 2021 under the auspices of the Programme “Strengthening the prison and probation reforms, provision of health care and the treatment of patients in closed institutions in the Republic of Moldova”, financed through the Council of Europe Action Plan for the Republic of Moldova (2021-2024) and implemented by the Council of Europe.