European Union/Council of Europe Joint Project:
Barnahus/Children’s House

Objectives Objectives

The general objective of the project is to contribute toward improving the quality of the justice system in order to support institutional and administrative structural reform in Slovenia.

More specifically, the action aims to support the Slovenian authorities to set up and implement the Barnahus (Children’s House) response model for child victims and witnesses of violence.

This is a two-phased project:

Phase I (2018)

In Slovenia, Phase I focused on negotiating and developing an operational and organisational framework for the establishment and operation of Barnahus in Slovenia as well as identifying key success factors, gaps and challenges in implementing it.

As a result of Phase I, National Guidelines for Barnahus in Slovenia and a Roadmap for the its establishment, operation and evaluation were drafted and endorsed by representatives of the newly elected government in October 2018.

Phase II (2019-2021)

The phase II of the project, “Supporting implementation of Barnahus in Slovenia” will be launched shortly. It will have an implementation period of 24 months and a budget of 560,000€. It will be implemented by the Council of Europe Children’s Rights Division and co-financed by the EU SRSS and the Council of Europe.

Phase II aims to put into practice the recommendations of the Roadmap and establish the operational and organisation framework defined by the National Guidelines.

Expected outcomes Expected outcomes

The successful implementation of a Children’s House in Slovenia is:

  • where children who are victims and/or witnesses of violent crime have a safe place to receive assistance and to disclose the crime, which is set up in such a way to exclude any contact between the victim and the alleged offender;
  • where authorities have a tool which serves the best interest of the child and ensures the due process of law by enabling them to coordinate parallel criminal investigations and child welfare assessments in a child-friendly manner;
  • where a prosecution, social services, police and medical professionals have a place to meet, collaborate and share their information during the investigations.

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