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17th meeting of the Lanzarote Committee

Strasbourg 1-3 March 2017
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17th meeting of the Lanzarote Committee

The 17th meeting of the Lanzarote Committee (Committee of the Parties to the Convention on the Protection of children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse) from 1 to 3 March 2017 will bring together representatives of the 42 states that have ratified the Convention, as well as representatives of other states,  international institutions and organisations. In addition to continuing its current monitoring of the implementation of the Lanzarote Convention by States Parties, items on the agenda also cover in particular: the 2nd reading and adoption of the revised special report “Protecting children affected by the refugee crisis from sexual abuse and exploitation” under the Urgent monitoring round; an exchange of views (in view of the adoption) of a) a draft Interpretative Opinion on “Applicability of the Lanzarote Convention to sexual offences against children facilitated through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs)” and b) the draft Thematic Questionnaire to launch the new monitoring round on “Criminal use of child self-generated sexual images and videos facilitated by information and communication technologies”; and elections of the Chair, Vice Chair and Bureau of the Committee.

 Webpage of the Lanzarote Committee and agenda of the meeting