Developing and strengthening the use of mediation in the member states: meeting of the CEPEJ Working Group on mediation (CEPEJ-GT-MED)

headline 02 November 2018 Strasbourg

The CEPEJ-GT-MED will meet in Strasbourg for its 4th meeting since its reactivation in early 2017. After having assessed the use of its 2007 mediation Guidelines in the member states (links below), the GT-MED decided in 2017 to develop a set of tools to complement the Guidelines, compiled in the...

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The CEPEJ and the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic continue the cooperation in view of increasing the efficiency and quality of the judicial system

headline 13 November 2018 Strasbourg

A multinational team of experts led by the CEPEJ President, Mr Georg Stawa, visited the Slovak Republic on 6-8 November 2018. As part of this mission the experts had a meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of Justice. Mr Gábor Gál, Minister of Justice, and Ms Edita Pfundtner, State...

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Court Coaching Project: Improving the Safety and Security in Albanian Courts

headline 8 November 2018 Strasbourg

From 12 to 13 November 2018, CEPEJ international experts Pierre Laporte and Michel Perchepied will present and discuss their final report on court security with various beneficiaries and partners in Tirana. The report and accompanying recommendations are based on the experts’ findings from...

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Improving the Albanian Case Management System: Study Visit to Estonia

headline 06 November 2018 Strasbourg

CEPEJ International expert Harold Epineuse accompanied an Albanian delegation of 14 participants, including courts chairpersons, specialists in judicial statistics, the head of the IT Unit at the Ministry of Justice and a chief inspector from the High Council of Justice of Albania, on a study...

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Meeting of the CEPEJ Evaluation Working Group

headline 22 October 2018 Strasbourg

The 35th meeting of the Working Group on Evaluation of Judicial Systems of the CEPEJ (CEPEJ-GT-EVAL) took place on 6 and 7 November in Venice. Following the recent publication of the 2018 edition of the report "European Judicial Systems - Efficiency and Quality of Justice", the Working Group...

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The European Day of Justice, for citizens to better know and understand how their justice system works

headline 25 October 2018 Europe

Since 2003, the European Union and the Council of Europe have been celebrating the European Day of Justice - a day on which individuals in Europe can better understand how the courts work; the roles of judges, prosecutors, lawyers, registrars and other legal professionals. Video message from the...

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Increasing access to online information at the Basic Court of Pristina to follow-up on the court users’ satisfaction surveys

headline 22 October 2018 Strasbourg

Within the frame of the satisfaction surveys held at the end of 2017, access to information (on the court website in particular) was identified as requiring improvements. For this reason, the court, with the support of the Action, has developed a leaflet to answer frequently asked questions...

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Presentation of the report “Categorisation of the role of Court Presidents, Chancellors, and Legal Assistants”

headline 17 October 2018 Albania (Tirana)

The findings of the CEPEJ report on the “Categorization of the role of Court Presidents, Chancellors, and Legal Assistants” were presented in Tirana on 17 October 2018. The seminar was attended by around 40 participants, including court presidents, chancellors, legal advisors and assistants,...

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia thanks the CEPEJ for its support

headline 9 October 2018 Strasbourg

On 9 October, within the framework of the session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia, Mr. Khemaies Jhinaoui, thanked the CEPEJ for the support given to the cooperation programmes in implementation since January 2012, financed by the...

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25 October, European Day of Justice: do not miss the opportunity to benefit from free advice from legal professionals

headline 10 October 2018 Strasbourg

As part of the celebration of the European Day of Justice, from September to November 2018 several Council of Europe Member States are organising various events aimed at informing citizens about their rights; in particular open door events in courts or notarial chambers, as well as live...

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Management and reduction of European judicial timeframes: the CEPEJ SATURN Centre builds on the resources made available to the courts

headline 24 September 2018 Strasbourg

The meeting of the CEPEJ SATURN Centre for judicial time management took place in Strasbourg on 9 and 11 October 2018. On this occasion, its members finalised a methodology - the first of its kind - aimed at assessing cases in order to better distribute the judicial workload. The Working Group...

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Meeting in Strasbourg with 50 CEPEJ Pilot courts on 10 October to trial and comment on the diverse ongoing work of the CEPEJ

headline 13 September 2018 Strasbourg

The 13th plenary meeting of the CEPEJ Network of Pilot courts took place in Strasbourg on 10 October 2018. Courts visiting from all member States and some observer States of the Council of Europe, worked on the following themes : judicial timeframes, which the CEPEJ wishes to refine in relation...

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Publication of the CEPEJ report "European judicial systems - efficiency and quality of justice": what impact in the European press?

05 October 2018

The publication of the 2018 edition of the CEPEJ report entitled "European judicial systems - efficiency and quality of justice" which provides a complete picture of the functioning of justice in terms of budget, timeframes, equal opportunities, access to justice, court performance, information...

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Efficiency and quality of justice: Council of Europe publishes its 2018 report

headline 4 October 2018 11 am Paris

Paris, 04.10.2018 – The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) of the Council of Europe sets out the main trends observed in this field in 45 European countries (*) today in a report and a publicly accessible interactive database. The trends identified by this 7th evaluation...

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Call for tenders - Intellectual services on efficiency and quality of Justice in the Republic of Albania based on CEPEJ tools

headline 03 October 2018

Under the framework of the joint European Union / Council of Europe programme entitled :”Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey”, the Council of Europe is looking for a maximum of 6 Provider(s) at local level in order to support the implementation of the Action on “Strengthening...

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Watch the video of the Conference: "Artificial intelligence at the service of the Judiciary", 27 September 2018, Riga (Latvia)

headline 27 September 2018 Riga (Latvia)

The CEPEJ and the Courts Administration of Latvia organised a conference on "Artificial Intelligence at the Service of the Judiciary" in Riga (Latvia), on 27 September 2018. This conference was opened by the Minister of Justice of Latvia and the President of the CEPEJ, and brought together...

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Peer evaluation of CEPEJ in “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”

14 September 2018 Strasbourg

On request of the Ministry of Justice of “The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, a team of CEPEJ experts will visit Skopje, on 19 and 20 September 2018 , to carry out a peer evaluation of the judicial system. In this occasion different judicial institutions and courts will be visited and...

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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in judicial systems at the heart of the discussions of the CEPEJ Working Group on Quality of Justice

headline 14 September 2018 Strasbourg

The CEPEJ Working Group on Quality of Justice will hold its 24th meeting in Riga (Latvia), on 25 and 26 September 2018. At the event, the Group will examine the challenges and opportunities related to the application of algorithms in judicial systems, with a particular focus given to so-called...

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Fostering communications between courts and their users to improve the quality of justice in Kosovo*


According to the CEPEJ Handbook for conducting satisfaction surveys, the organisation and communication of feedback to the users are an integral part of the survey process. Following the satisfaction surveys that were held at the end of 2017 with the support of the KoSEJ Action at the Basic...

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The CEPEJ newsletter on the theme: "Predictive justice and artificial intelligence", also specifying the ongoing activities, has just been published

headline 30 August.2018 Strasbourg

The CEPEJ has just published its 16th Newsletter dedicated to the theme of: "Predictive justice and artificial intelligence (AI)”. Artificial intelligence in the field of justice is central to debates in all Council of Europe member States. The newsletter provides an overview of some of AI's...

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