The Judicial Council of Latvia discussed the CEPEJ experts' report “Evaluation of the Latvian judicial system”

headline Riga (Latvia) 23 April 2018
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The Judicial Council of Latvia discussed the CEPEJ experts' report “Evaluation of the Latvian judicial system”

A team of CEPEJ experts developed in cooperation with the Court Administration of Latvia the report “Evaluation of the Latvian judicial system”, which puts forward an expert view on the Latvian judicial system and the possible ways of improving the judicial independence and self-governance, as well as the efficiency and the quality of courts. On 23 April 2018 the authors of the report participated in a public session of the Judicial Council of Latvia to present and discuss with the judicial stakeholders the main findings and recommendations of the report. The focus of the consultations was, on the one hand, on legislative, institutional and organisational measures which can improve the perception of judicial independence and the public trust in the court system and, on the other hand, on possible ways of increasing the efficiency of court management and the quality of judicial services. The activity has been organised in the framework of the project “Justice for Growth” (Nr. funded by the European Social Fund.

At a glance

In setting up the European Commission for  the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) at the end of 2002, at the initiative of the European  ministers of Justice who met in London (2000), the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe wanted to establish an innovative body for improving the quality and efficiency of the European judicial systems and  strengthening the court users’ confidence in such systems.

A short movie presenting the CEPEJ has been realised by the Directorate of Communication of the Council of Europe.

The CEPEJ develops concrete measures and tools aimed at policy makers and judicial practitioners in order to:

  • Analyse the functioning of judicial systems and orientate public policies of justice
  • Have a better knowledge of judicial timeframes and optimize judicial time management
  • Promote the quality of the public service of justice
  • Facilitate the implementation of European standrards in the field of justice
  • Support member states in their reforms on court organisations

The CEPEJ also contributes with specific expertise to debates about the functioning of the justice system in order to provide a forum for discussion and proposals and bring the users closer to their justice system.

New videos New videos

Presentation of the 2018 edition of the CEPEJ report on evaluation of judicial systems by Stéphane Leyenberger, Secretary of the CEPEJ: participating countries, general trends and specificities of investment amounts in the field of justice by the countries
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- Have there been some improvements concerning gender equality in the judiciairy since 2014 ?
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- What is the impact of the recent refugee crisis on the justice systems ?
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- Is artificial intelligence already present in our judicial systems ?
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