39th plenary meeting of the CEPEJ

headline Strasbourg 13 December 2022
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39th plenary meeting of the CEPEJ

During the 39th plenary meeting of the CEPEJ, held on 6 and 7 December in Strasbourg, the Working group on the evaluation of judicial systems (CEPEJ-GT-EVAL) presented to CEPEJ members the Report on the evaluation of European judicial systems of the CEPEJ (cycle 2022), published on 5th of October. The CEPEJ has also adopted the Scheme for the evaluating systems for the 2024 cycle (2022 data) which will be open to the CEPEJ national correspondents next spring.

The Working Groups on Cyberjustice and Artificial Intelligence (CEPEJ-GT-CYBERJUST) and on Quality of Justice (CEPEJ-GT-QUAL) presented the work of the Artificial Intelligence Advisory Board (AIAB) ), recently set up to support the CEPEJ on the technical aspects of artificial intelligence and cyberjustice, and in particular the development of the resource center on artificial intelligence (AI) and cyberjustice, as well as the operationalization of the ethical charter of the CEPEJ on AI in judicial systems. The CEPEJ members insisted on the importance of this work at the core of the current justice reforms.

The CEPEJ also adopted the Guidelines on gender diversity in the recruitment and promotion of judges as well as a Guide in promoting administrative mediation.

A methodology for fighting backlogs will be prepared in 2023, in particular to be used in the framework of CEPEJ bilateral cooperation programs. This concrete tool to improve efficiency of justice has been initiated by the SATURN working group on judicial time management (CEPEJ-SATURN) and will be developed in close cooperation between all the CEPEJ Working Groups.

The winning team of the second edition of the Junior Crystal Balance Prize (2022) from the University of Pisa who defended the French project, winner of the Crystal Scales of Justice Prize "Simplified filing of complaints in hospital for victims of domestic violence" 2021, presented its project.

The CEPEJ elected the members of its Bureau for the period 2023 – 2024: Francesco DEPASQUALE (Malta) was elected President of the CEPEJ, Ivan CRNČEC (Croatia) Vice President, and Sonja DJEMNI-WAGNER (France) and Seçkin KOÇER (Türkiye) members of the Bureau.


Guidelines on gender equality in the recruitment and promotion of judges

Promoting mediation to resolve administrative disputes in Council of Europe member states

Concept note on the preparation of a backlog reduction tool

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