CDCPP-Bu(2013)1 rev

Strasbourg, 15 October 2013


Strasbourg, 16-17 October 2013 at 9h00

Room G05, Agora Building




1. Opening of the meeting by Ms Erminia Sciacchitano, Chair of the Committee


2. Adoption of the agenda


3. Implementation of the 2013 programme of activities

3.1 Cultural Policy Review of Turkey


[CDCPP-Bu(2013)19 rev]



3.2  12th annual meeting of the Herein national coordinators, Strasbourg, 1-2 July



3.3  Results of the launch of the European Heritage Days, Armenia, 29 August-1 September



3.4  “Marseilles Forum on the social value of heritage and the value of heritage for society”, Marseilles (France), 12-13 September                                                                                     


3.5  Marseilles Seminar and Public Conference on the “European Dimension of Roma Culture: Scientific and Political Discourses”, Marseilles (France), 25-26 September



3.6  13th meeting of the European Landscape Convention workshops, Montenegro, 2-3 October



3.7  15th anniversary of the Compendium Cultural Policy Information and Monitoring System           



4.    2014-2015 draft programme of activities

CDCPP’s expected results 2014-2015

(i) Follow-up given to the 10th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers of Culture “Governance of Culture – Promoting access to Culture”, notably through the preparation of (a) two guidelines (policy-orientation documents) on actions to address the impact of digitisation of culture and (b) a framework of indicators to measure the impact of cultural activity on democracy and the economic efficiency of financing culture

  • Roadmap for the implementation of the Moscow Action Plan



(ii) Preparation of the revision of the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production for adoption by the Committee of Ministers

  • Professional profile required for the experts revising the Convention



(iii) Preparation of draft recommendations fostering the implementation of the cultural heritage and landscape conventions for adoption by the Committee of Ministers



(iv) Identification of best practices on improving living spaces and quality of life in line with the Faro and Landscape conventions, with a view to their wide dissemination in member States 

  • Implementation of the Faro Convention’s Action Plan


  • Implementation of the European Landscape Convention’s Working Programme        



(v) Evaluation of the lessons learned from the field pilot projects in South-East Europe, Caucasus and Black Sea regions and selected EU member States, and preparation of policy guidelines



(vi) Adoption of recommendations for the granting of the European Landscape Award, for consideration by the Committee of Ministers



5.    Preparations for the 60th anniversary of the European Cultural Convention



6. Strategic partnerships with other organisations


7. Dates of the next Bureau meeting and the 3rd plenary meeting of the CDCPP                           


8. Any other business

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