Schools that wish to join the Council of Europe’s Democratic Schools Network need to fulfil the following requirements:


  • To commit to the Council of Europe Democratic Schools Pledge;
  • To provide to the Council of Europe information about their activities that are connected to any of the six themes of the project “Free to Speak, Safe to Learn”, any materials they use developed by the Council of Europe (available online) and RFCDC competences targeted by their activities by filling in the form.
  • To continuously aim at forming their School Rules and Regulations, including a commitment to respect and promote democratic values and principles, such as active participation of their school community members (in particular teachers, students and parents), and by ensuring that decisions taken in daily practice consider and respect the views of the persons affected by them.
  • To systematically use the Democratic Schools Network Checklist provided by the Council of Europe, appropriately adjusted to the priorities of the school applying it, sharing it with the school community members and organising occasionally awareness and communication activities.
  • To share information and exchange experiences with other schools on practices and activities linked with the DSN checklist.