Address: Stephenstown Campus, Naul Road Balbriggan, Co. Dublin.

Country: Ireland

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Project: Sustainable Development Goals project - World Wise Global Schools Passport

Working language during the project:

  • English

Themes of the Council of Europe campaign “FREE to SPEAK, SAFE to LEARN - Democratic Schools for All” covered:

  • Making children’s and students’ voices heard
  • Addressing controversial issues
  • Preventing violence and bullying
  • Dealing with propaganda, misinformation and fake news
  • Tackling discrimination
  • Improving well-being at school

Competences from the Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture (CDC) addressed and where / how they were integrated:

  • Knowledge and critical understanding of language and communication
    Students explore diversity in a local and national context and think critically about the experience of minority groups in Irish society, particularly experiences of discrimination in direct provision and the refugee crisis. Students will discuss the impact of stereotypical / discriminatory representations of people identified as belonging to particular cultures/groups in Ireland and other countries/contexts, providing examples from the past and present. Students develop an enhanced awareness of the language associated with migration; discover how migration has had an impact on Ireland and; critically analyse how the media reports migration in different contexts. They will design a poster or other product to promote the acceptance of diversity in school.
  • Valuing human dignity and human rights
    Students increase their knowledge of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and take action in relation to at least one of them. Students explore what is of value to them and what has influenced this. The concepts of morality, principles, facts and opinions are also examined. Students will be able to practice respectful debate and discussion and learn how to consider and evaluate different perspectives.
  • Respect
    Students reflect on and assess the power and decision-making processes in their school and government and take action to prevent bullying, violence, and discrimination. Students will analyse how migration is portrayed in the media. They will design a poster or other product to promote the acceptance of diversity in school.

Target group age range:

  • 11-15

Level of education:

  • Lower secondary education

Short description of the project:


The aim of the project is to encourage students to be actionable on the global development goals.

Expected results/outcomes

  1. Knowledge and critical understanding of language around the global goals and able to communicate about them
  2. Valuing human dignity and human rights and engaging in action projects around the goals
  3. Developing an attitude of respect and acceptance around diversity.


Developing methodologies in teaching and learning.

Challenges you faced

Developing the students’ skills to take action.

Time-frame of the project:

1 year

Council of Europe materials on citizenship and human rights education used while preparing or implementing your practice:

  • Competences for democratic culture
  • Democratic governance of schools
  • All different – all Equal
  • Compass
  • Gender Matters

Additional material provided by the school