40th anniversary of the Bern Convention

Strasbourg, France 19 September 2019
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40th anniversary of the Bern Convention

Today, the Bern Convention turns 40 years old. To celebrate this remarkable date, a new campaign highlights the most inspiring results of 4 decades working for the preservation of nature. From helping save the few remaining leopards in the Caucasus to fighting invasive alien species or actively involving citizens in the protection of the environment, the actions of the convention have been turned into engaging stories that are available through the interactive website This initiative highlights the wide reach and long-term objectives of the convention, which has 51 Contracting Parties in 2019. The motto of the campaign, “Healthy nature for healthy Europeans” was chosen through a participative process, and reflects the importance of nature conservation in our lives.

For more information on the campaign you can consult the press release.

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