Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights
concerning trafficking in human beings

Chowdury and others v. Greece, judgment of 30 March 2017
Press release

 L.E. v. Greece, judgment of 21 January 2016
Press release (see page 9)

C.N. v. the United Kingdom, judgment of 13 November 2012
Press release

C.N. and V. v. France, judgment of 11 October 2012
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Rantsev v. Cyprus and Russia, judgment of 7 January 2010
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Siliadin v. France, judgment of 26 July 2005
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For information on the Court's case law and pending cases concerning human trafficking and related cases, please consult the Factsheets compiled by its Press Service:

Factsheet on trafficking in human beings,
Factsheet on Slavery, servitude, and forced labour.

A Case-law guide on Article 4 - Prohibition of slavery and forced labour is also available

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