Vorbehalte und Erklärungen für Vertrag Nr.192 - Übereinkommen über den Umgang von und mit Kindern

Art der Erklärung : Erklärungen, Kündigungen, Abweichungen
Datum 01/03/2021


Declaration contained in a Note Verbale from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania, dated 13 May 2005, deposited with the instrument of ratification, on 27 May 2005 - Or. Engl.

In accordance with Article 18, paragraph 3, of the Convention, the Republic of Albania declares that it can refuse the use of either French or English languages, under paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article, in any application, communication or other documents sent to the central authorities.
In Kraft: 01/09/2005 -
Artikel betroffen : 18

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