Vorbehalte und Erklärungen für Vertrag Nr.160 - Europäisches Übereinkommen über die Ausübung von Kinderrechten

Art der Erklärung : Erklärungen, Kündigungen, Abweichungen
Datum 20/09/2019


Declaration contained in the instrument of ratification deposited on 6 April 2010 - Or. Engl.

In accordance with Article 1, paragraph 4, of the Convention, the Republic of Croatia designates the following categories of family cases to which this Convention is to apply before its judicial authorities:

. proceedings for deciding on parental care during the divorce of parents;
. proceedings for the exercise of parental care;
. measures for the protection of personal rights and interests of a child;
. proceedings for adoption, and
. proceedings concerning guardianship of minors.
In Kraft: 01/08/2010 -
Artikel betroffen : 1

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