Vorbehalte und Erklärungen für Vertrag Nr.024 - Europäisches Auslieferungsübereinkommen

Art der Erklärung : Vorbehalte
Datum 17/03/2018

Sud Afrika

Reservation contained in a Note Verbale from the Embassy of South Africa in Brussels, dated 26 May 2003 and registered at the Secretariat General on 11 June 2003, supplemented by a Note Verbale dated 17 June 2003 and registered at the Secretariat General on 17 June 2003 - Or. Engl.

For the purposes of Article 2 of the Convention, the Republic of South Africa shall not extradite any person unless the punishment awarded for a conviction in respect of which he or she is being sought, is a sentence of imprisonment of at least six months.

[Note by the Secretariat : The Note Verbale dated 17 June 2003 reads as follows :

"The Embassy of the Republic of South Africa regrets the belated communication of the reservation and declaration regarding the European Convention on Extradition, which is the result of an unfortunate administrative oversight. The Embassy agrees that the provisions of the Convention concerning the making of reservations and declarations should be respected by Contracting States. However, it needs to be pointed out that the declaration and reservation were made by the South African Parliament during the process of domestic approval of the Convention and its two Additional Protocols. Parliament is the only institution authorised by the South African Constitution to approve international agreements of this nature, and the declaration and reservation consequently form an inseparable part of the Parliamentary decision in this regard."]
In Kraft: 13/05/2003 -
Artikel betroffen : 2

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