Vorbehalte und Erklärungen für Vertrag Nr.009 - Zusatzprotokoll zur Konvention zum Schutze der Menschenrechte und Grundfreiheiten

Art der Erklärung : Vorbehalte
Datum 20/10/2019


Reservation contained in the instrument of ratification deposited on 27 November 1990 - Or. Sp./Fr.

In accordance with Article 64 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, in order to avoid any uncertainty as to the application of Article 1 of the Protocol, Spain expresses a Reservation in the light of Article 33 of the Spanish Constitution, which stipulates the following:

1. The right to private property and to inheritance is recognised.
2. The social function of these rights shall determine their scope, as provided for by law.
3. No person shall be deprived of their property or their rights except for a cause recognised as being in the public interest or in the interest of society and in exchange for fitting compensation as provided for by law.
In Kraft: 27/11/1990 -
Artikel betroffen : 1

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