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Paksas v. Lithuania

Lithuania: Parliament moves towards constitutional amendment to implement ECHR judgment


On 18 January, the Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas) approved in the first vote the constitutional amendment aimed at implementing the ECHR judgment in the case concerning the former president Rolandas Paksas. The Court has found a violation of the applicant’s right to free elections due to the...

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Lachiri v. Belgium

Belgium: amended Judicial Code enhances freedom of religion


A law of 28 November 2021 (published on 30 November) amended Article 759 of the Judicial Code, which used to read: "Whoever attends a hearing shall stand uncovered, respectful and silent: whatever the judge orders for the maintenance of order shall be carried out punctually and immediately." By...

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Oyal v. Turkey

Turkey: Protection of rights in the health care system


On 3 December, the Committee of Ministers ended its supervision of execution of the Oyal group of cases. This group concerned, among others, violations of the right to life and prohibition of inhuman treatment on account of medical negligence committed mainly by medical staff of state-run...

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Clasens v. Belgium

Belgium: prison conditions during strikes by prison officers


In October 2021, the Federal Institute for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights (IFDH) and the Central Supervisory Board of Prisons (CCSP) submitted a joint communication to the Committee in the Clasens group of cases. They indicate that strikes by prison officers last in practice...

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Rashad Hasanov and Others v. Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan: Decision of Supreme Court aims to fully redress human rights violations


On 19 November 2021, the Plenum of the Supreme Court, in the light of the judgment of the ECHR (Rashad Hasanov and Others) (Mammadli group of cases) examined the cases of Rashad Hasanov, Zaur Gurbanli, Uzeyir Mammadli and Rashadat Akhundov. Having regard to the ECHR’s conclusions in this...

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Khan v. France

France: protection of unaccompanied foreign minors "in transit"


Two new communications have been transmitted to the Committee of Ministers in the Khan case by UNICEF France and two associations, Utopia 56 and Safe Passage International, working in the field in the Nord and Pas-de-Calais departments. These communications set out the measures adopted by the...

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Lewit v. Austria

Austria: Protection of a Holocaust survivor’s reputation


On 20 October, the Committee of Ministers ended the supervision of execution by Austria of the European Court’s judgment in Lewit, which concerned a violation of the reputation of the applicant, a 97-year-old Holocaust survivor. In defamation proceedings he had initiated, the domestic courts...

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Makaratzis v. Greece

Greece – ongoing efforts to eradicate police ill-treatment and enhance investigations


During the Human Rights meeting on 14-16 September, the Committee of Ministers adopted a decision welcoming the Greek Prime Minister’s public expression of apology to all victims of ill-treatment by law enforcement officers and the state’s strong commitment to setting the stage for a change of...

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J.M.B. and others v. France

France: overcrowding and poor conditions in prisons


Five communications were submitted in the J.M.B. and others case to the Committee of Ministers on behalf of the Commission nationale consultative des droits de l’homme and the Contrôleur général des lieux de privation de liberté, the Observatoire international des prisons, the Syndicat de la...

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L.B. and W.D. v. Belgium

Belgium: Internment in psychiatric wings of prisons


The Centre interfédéral pour l’égalité des chances (UNIA) submitted a communication to the Committee of Ministers in the group of cases L.B. and pilot judgment W.D. UNIA suggests, among other things, to further develop the regular path of mental health care for internees as well as to improve the...

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