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المدوّنات المدوّنات

Report national cyber crime and online threats reporting centres

This week my consultancy published a report into (inter)national cooperation, (the participation in) national centres and the gathering, analysing and sharing of complaints, data and intelligence. The report shows the the situation at present for the participants in 13 European (3 non-EU MS) and gives conclusions and recommendations. These are the more valuable as they by far come from the participants themselves.


You will find that there is a plea for a form of level playing field which ensures and enables cooperation, the sharing of data and solving online threats between different entities and countries. At present most participants attest to the fact that cooperation is difficult if not impossible due to different factors. My conclusion is that for these individual entities it is impossible to change this situation, beyond the coincidental, as they are depend on others, e.g. government, other entities, inclusion in centres or not, etc,. for success. Topics cyber seem to overwhelming for individual entities if not governments.


You can find the full report under this link:

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