The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

European Day of Civil Justice in Moldova

In view of the celebration of the European Day of Civil Justice the following actions will be undertaken in the Republic of Moldova:

    - On 3 September 2008 the Ministry of Justice drew the attention of the competent authorities (the Supreme Court of Justice, the Superior Council of Magistrates, the Lawyers’ Bar from Moldova, the Constitutional Court, the Ministry of Education and Youth, respective universities etc.) about the importance of celebrating the European Day of Civil Justice in the Republic of Moldova;

    - The Ministry of Justice will place onto its official website a press release about the celebration of the European Day of Civil Justice;

    - The judicial instances, as well as the Supreme Court of Justice, at the Constitutional Court will organize an Open-Door Day on 27 October 2008 where the visitors will be informed about the way of functioning of the judicial instances, the protection of the human rights and freedoms, the history of the foundation of the Constitutional Court; and the Constitutional Court will present the new collection “The Role of the Constitutional Court and the ECHR Case Law in the National System of Protection of the Human Rights”;

    - The Ministry of Justice will draw the attention to the educational institutions about the organization of various excursions to judicial instances on 27 October 2008;

    - A representative of the Ministry of Justice will participate at the broadcast “Juridical Morning” (“Matinal juridic”) with the subject “Justice Transparency as a Main Factor in the Consolidation of a Legal State”, which will take place on 23 October 2008;

    - The Ministry of Justice will organize informational visits of notaries to educational institutions and to senior centers where they will give information about the application of the civil legislation (e.g. legal, testamentary patrimony, donation contracts, the implementation of the civil rights and obligations of minors under 14 etc.);

    - On 24 October 2008 the Lawyers’ Bar from Moldova will organize an Open-Door Day;

    - On 24 October 2008 private lawyer’s offices will give free assistance in the civil matter all over the country;

    - A round table with the topic “Advocacy as an Always Opened Door for the Law Faculties Graduates” that will take place on 24 October 2008 within the Lawyers’ Bar from Moldova;

    - A round table with the topic “Civil Justice in the Light of the Challenges of the 21st Century” that will be organized by the Free International University of Moldova and the Institute of Researches in the Field of the Protection of Human Rights, having as participants law faculty students, representatives from the Supreme Court of Justice, the Constitutional Court and other institutions involved in the process of the promotion of civil justice;

    - On 25 October 2008 the Law and Public Administration Faculty of the Cahul State University “Bogdan Petriceicu Haşdeu” will organize a seminar with the topic “The Role of Justice in the Development of the Legal State”;

    - The Law Faculty of the Bălţi State University “Alecu Russo” will organize scientific conferences with the participation of students of the respective faculty with the topic “The Civil Procedure as Means of the Realization of the Civil Justice” (15 October 2008), “The Combating of the Juridical Nihilism Among Youth” (20 October 2008), “Justice as the Queen and the Master of All Virtues” (24 October 2008), as well as the contest of simulating hearings “The ECHR Case Law on Civil Cases” (21 October 2008).