The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

Strasbourg, 28 July 2017




12th Plenary Meeting
Kristiansand, Norway
Clarion Hotel Ernst - Rådhusgata 2, 4664 Kristiansand

6 September 2017


Chair: Georg STAWA (Austria), President of the CEPEJ

    1. Opening of the meeting

    2. Activity of the CEPEJ: main achievements and priorities

    3. Information by the Pilot courts

Pilot courts are invited to inform the group of any relevant reform or initiative undertaken by the court (best practice, for instance) and which might be of interest for the other pilot courts.

These projects may be published on the “CEPEJ innovation center” website.

    - 4 new examples of good practice implemented by the Latvian Court Administration

4. Judicial time management: European timeframes for judicial proceedings

Pilot courts are invited to inform the group of any relevant use of the CEPEJ Timeframes

    - Presentation of the implementation Guide as adopted by the CEPEJ Plenary in December 2016

- Feedback from the Norwegian Court Administration and Norwegian courts about their own practises

    - Implementation of these timeframes during cooperation programmes funded by the Norway Grants: the example of Croatia

    - Methodology for a regular update of the European timeframes and for a proper data collection


Reference document

Towards European Timeframes for Judicial Proceedings – implementation guide
CEPEJ (2016)5

    5. Mediation and use of ADR in Europe: data collection process for the CEPEJ-GT-MED

6. Tools for ensuring a proper time management and the quality of the justice

    Workshops aiming at sharing the good practices between all the courts and at contributing to the ongoing work of the CEPEJ-SATURN Center and the CEPEJ-GT-QUAL

    § Workshop 1: Dashboard1 for court management

    Pilot courts are invited to inform the group of any relevant tables, graphics or statistics used for the management of the court

    § Workshop 2: How to weight a case? Sharing of good practices

    Pilot courts are invited to inform the group of any relevant practise, promoted at national level or as a result of their own initiative

    § Workshop 3: Improving the quality of justice, new tools from the CEPEJ

    This workshop aims at ensuring that the latest tools of the CEPEJ-GT-QUAL cover relevant issues according to the practical experiences of the pilot courts

Synthesis of the workshops: each workshop will appoint a rapporteur to share the conclusions of the discussions in the plenary session

Reference documents

Measuring the quality of justice

Guidelines on how to drive change towards Cyberjustice
CEPEJ (2016)13E

Structural measures adopted by some Council of Europe member states to improve the functioning of civil and administrative justice in addition to the effective domestic remedies required by Article 13 of the ECHR - Good practice guide

Handbook for conducting satisfaction surveys aimed at Court users in Council of Europe's member States

    7. Any other business

    8. Conclusions of the meeting

Reference documents

Report on “European judicial systems – Efficiency and quality of justice - Key facts and figures - Edition 2016" Overview of the report
Report - CEPEJ(2016)1

Thematic report “European judicial systems – Use of information technology in courts”

1 A dashboard is a set of tables and/or graphics (bar charts, pie charts, etc) to monitor the flow of cases, the allocation of human resources etc.