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Information concerning the candidate (institution / organization)

Name: Court Administration Republic of Latvia
Address: 6 Antonijas Street, Riga, LV-1039
Country: LATVIA
Tel.: +371 67063840

Represented by:

First name and surname: Mr Edvins BALSEVICS
Function: Director of Court Administration
Tel: +371 67063801

(Application submitted by Ms Dace Ezeriete, Project Manager of Project Management and International Cooperation Unit,

Initiative presented


Date of introduction of the application form: 10.05.2017

Brief description of the initiative

Registry of Enforcement cases (hereinafter - REC) is a national information system designed for certified bailiffs post duties stipulated by the law. It began operating in the beginning of 2012, but the mandatory transition to REC for all bailiffs was set to 31 December 2012. During these years, the REC is highly developed and has introduced a lot of new functionality that facilitates certified bailiff’s daily work.
REC provides unit electronic data registration of enforcement cases, processing, storage, transmission and availability in order to efficiently control the enforcement cases progress during the process, and effective exchange of necessary information between the sworn bailiffs.
For each enforcement case its own record is open, in which is stored all information related the progress of case - enforcement document, the debtor, judgment creditor, incoming and outgoing documents, payment records, information about debtor's property and so on. For bailiff is shown whether a particular debtor is registered also in another bailiff’s record keeping of existing enforcement cases. If the debtor is registered in collector status in any other enforceable case, the bailiff can send an order to bailiff about the distrait recovered sums.
Thanks to functionality of generation available in REC document preparation time reduces. Generating the document pre-prepared document templates is used in which the system automatically fills the text with information of the particular enforceable case. The prepared document is registered and, if necessary, it can be immediately e-sign. It is also fully computerized generation of statistical reports and the ability electronically sort incoming and outgoing sworn bailiff correspondence, as well as registration and accounting of acts, calculations and invoices.
By using the REC, sworn bailiffs are provided with the opportunity conduct the enforcement activities necessary data determined by legal acts to give and receive from other information systems, online data transmission mode.
By using the REC, sworn bailiffs are provided with the opportunity to receive and give necessary data determined by legal acts from other information systems in online data transmission mode. Currently REC online data transmission mode supports data exchange with:

    1) Population Register of Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs - receiving of information about natural persons;
    2) The Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia - receiving of information about legal persons;
    3) The national registry of vehicles and drivers of Road Traffic Safety Directorate - data monitoring and receiving of information on natural and legal persons belonging vehicles, with the possibility of imposing/removing registration barring and getting restriction roadworthiness test;
    4) Information system of the State Revenue Service - data monitoring and receiving of information about individual’s income;
    5) Information system of The State Social Insurance Agency – data monitoring and receiving of information about natural person’s social security contributions and allocated pensions, benefits, claims
    6) Latvia State Radio and Television Centre – files electronic signing with e-signatures
    7) The Treasury of Republic of Latvia – for the electronic storage and processing of information about sworn bailiff's resources of existing deposit account and their distribution among the enforceable cases;
    8) Court Informative System of Court Administration Republic of Latvia – Sending an application about the auction acts approval, receiving of information about the Court issued enforceable documents;
    9) State united computerized land registry of Court Administration Republic of Latvia – monitoring and receiving of information about natural and legal person’s real estate properties and building rights, dispatching of fastening requests;
    10) Information system of cadaster of State Land Service of the Republic of Latvia – receiving of information about natural and legal person’s immovable properties;
    11) The official publisher of the Republic of Latvia “Latvijas vēstnesis” - auctions and other stipulated by the law ads publication.

Linking with other information systems provides a faster, more efficient and more economical enforceable recordkeeping process, allowing in a shorter period of time free of charge and without post costs to identify the debtor's property status, as well as, if necessary, to apply compulsory enforcement, for example, imposing closures to vehicle or real estate, or by sending an order to employer.

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