Pompidou Group - Co-operation Group to Combat Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Drugs

In the field of prevention, the Pompidou Group identifies new approaches and technologies in achieving more effective and widespread impact with prevention efforts.

Innovative drug misuse prevention targeting young people, youth participation and involvement of families, promoting healthy lifestyles, comprehensive assessment and evaluation are among focus of activities in the multi-faceted field of prevention. Special attention is given to local realities of prevention in order to identify the most effective and practical solutions to specific trends.

Drug prevention requires comprehensive and long-term view because it takes place in an environment of multiple and interlinked factors and addresses a range of needs. The evaluation of drug prevention should focus on defining and promulgating quality standards for project and programmes and their implementation, and on eliminating the programmes and practices that clearly do not work or make things worse.
European Drug Prevention Prize
The European Drug Prevention Prize is awarded every two years to active youth drug prevention projects. The main objective of this Prize is to recognise the importance of active youth participation in creating a better and healthier environment.

A jury of seven young people sets the rules and procedures for the Prize and carefully evaluates the submitted projects before selecting the prize-winners they consider to be the most innovative regarding youth involvement in drug prevention.

We are looking for innovative drug prevention projects for and by youth which deserves international recognition.

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Recent work
In « Evaluation of the drug prevention activities: theory and practice » (2010), Alfred Uhl and Richard Ives address the ways that evaluation can be made more effective, define what is meant by “evaluation” in different contexts and helping policy makers and their advisors to ensure that evaluation is not “a dogma” but “a useful tool” in the decision-making process about the allocation of scarce resources for drug prevention.
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In « Prevention interventions in recreational settings » (2010), Amador Calafat and the Pompidou Group’s experts explore a range of possible drug misuse prevention activities that could be delivered to young people and families during their holidays as well as in the recreational settings.

In « Life skills training in schools » (2005), R. Ives together with a group of Russian educationalists and narcologists provides an insight into evidence-based prevention programme.
European Drug Prevention Forum
This consultative forum, where young people, politicians and experts discuss drug prevention related issues, relies on the idea to encourage a more profound, open dialogue between young people and political decision makers. The forum is organised every two tears in a different member state.

The 1st Forum was organised in Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation in October 2004 with a topic “Polydrug use: mixing different drugs- new trends in youth culture ’’.

The 2nd Forum took place in Vilnius, Lithuania in May 2006 with a topic “Why shouldn’t we take drugs?’’
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Drug Prevention Support Network
The role of parents in prevention is increasingly seen as highly important. Many parents do not have direct access to professional information and support or are afraid to seek it. In addition, professionals working with parents in isolated and rural regions lack professional contacts, information and support.

The programme commenced in 2004 with a launch of 3 pilot projects in Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan and Hanti-Mansiisk. In 2 years, over 200 parents and professionals from these cities went through training seminars and capacity building activities to learn how to organise self-help groups, deliver lifeskills training, use internet in prevention work and conduct outreach work among young people.

In 2007-2008 based on the experience of the Drug Prevention Support Network project, the Pompidou Group has organised five 5-days seminars on life skills methodology for over 150 representatives of NGOs, educators and social workers in the City of Zaporozhye, Ukraine with the aim to adopt this approach to the context of prevention work in Ukraine. Similar programmes are planned for Bulgaria, Georgia, Lithuania and Romania.
Publications and documents
Prevention Interventions in Recreational Settings
By Amador Calafat and Members of the Pompidou Group Prevention Platform
Reference of the document : P-PG/Prev(2010)7
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Evaluation of Drug Prevention Activities : Theory and Practice
By Alfred Uhl, Richard Ives and Members of the Pompidou Group Prevention Platform
Reference of the document : P-PG/Prev(2010)6
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Trust and Free Will as the Keys to Success for the Low Threshold Health Service Centres (LTHSC)
Original document published by the National Public Health Institute (Finland)
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The Russian version was published by the Pompidou Group, in December 2009
Reference of the document : P-PG/Prev(2009)6
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Proceedings of 2nd European Drug Prevention Forum
“Why Shouldn't We Take Drugs?”, Vilnius, Lithuania, 18-19 May 2006
Reference of the document : P-PG/Prev-CF (2006)6
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Пособие - Организация семинаров по профилактике зависимостей: внедрение подхода «жизненные навыки»
01/08/2005, Страсбург, ОЛЬГА ВАСИЛЬЕВНА ФЕДОРОВА
Reference of the document : P-PG/Prev-LS(2005)3
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Making Life Skills work: Managing and Coping with Change in Residential Care Facilities for Children
By Amanda POOLE, June 2005
Reference of the document : P-PG/Prev-LS(2005)2 E
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Young People and the New Technologies: Perspectives on Internet and Mobile Services in Drug and Alcohol Prevention
Prevention Platform , 3rd Meeting - 5-6 April 2005, Helsinki, Finland
Reference of the document : P-PG/Prev-PF (2005) 3 E
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Life skills training in schools
Manual by Richard IVES, January 2005
Reference of the document : P-PG/Prev-LS(2005)1 E
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Planning and initiating mutual self-help groups in the field of drug demand reduction
By Carol Ann Cortese and Arne Schanche Andresen, January 2005
Reference of the document : P-PG/Prev-SN(2005)15 E
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Youth participation in drug prevention programmes
By Amanda POOLE, January 2005
Reference of the document : P-PG/Prev-CF (2005)2
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Actes du 1er Forum européen sur la prévention des toxicomanies
“Polyconsommation de drogues : combiner différentes drogues – nouvelles tendances dans les cultures des jeunes”, Ekaterinbourg, Fédération de Russie, 6 - 7 octobre 2004

Outreach work with young people, young drug users and young people at risk
Emphasis on secondary prevention by Njål Petter SVENSSON, october 2003
Reference of the document : P-PG/Prev (2003) 6
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