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[25/05/2007] Anti-Torture Committee visits Turkey
[23/05/2007] Terry Davis condemns bomb attack in Ankara
[04/05/2007] Conference of Ministers of Education: ''Education has a crucial role to play in Europe and worldwide'', according to Recep Tayyip Erdogan
[30/04/2007] Terry Davis: ''Turkish military should stay in their barracks and keep out of politics''
[30/04/2007] Conference of Ministers of Education: How can education help integrate people into society?
[25/04/2007] Maud de Boer-Buquicchio: ''The state of prisons is a very good indicator of a country’s commitment to freedom'''
[18/04/2007] Terry Davis condemns ''religious murders'' in South Eastern Turkey
[10/04/2007] Case of Güven and others v. Turkey: violation of Article 3
[05/04/2007] Execution of Judgments of the Court: adoption of several interim resolutions
[22/03/2007] Eddie O’Hara welcomes opening of restored Armenian Church in Turkey
[12/03/2007] Conference on the fight against cybercrime
[15/02/2007] Turkey urged to comply with European Court judgment concerning environmental pollution
[14/02/2007] Meeting of 500 leading international experts to tackle money laundering issues
[18/01/2007] Inauguration of Elazig model prison fulfilling European standards
[07/12/2006] Anti-Torture Committee visits Turkey
[30/11/2006] Fight against corruption: publication of a report on Turkey
[21/11/2006] Case of Demir and Baykara v. Turkey on 21 November
[31/10/2006] Toward a Black Sea Euroregion
[31/10/2006] Human Rights Commissioner visits Turkey
[27/10/2006] French draft law on Armenian genocide discussed during René van der Linden's visit to Turkey
[24/10/2006] Delegates call for speedier ratification by member states of the Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
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