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[03/06/2008] Urgent debate: functioning of democratic institutions in Turkey
[03/06/2008] Turkey: take further ''positive measures'' for Greek minority on Turkish Aegean islands
[30/05/2008] Lluís Maria de Puig reminds Turkey of the right to freedom of association
[29/05/2008] ''The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia'': Observation of parliamentary elections
[27/05/2008] Yavuz Mildon elected President of the Congress
[02/05/2008] Terry Davis reacts to changes in Turkish Criminal Code related to freedom of expression
[29/04/2008] Corien Jonker calls for an investigation into ''deaths of irregular migrants''
[04/04/2008] Meeting of the Institutional Committee
[02/04/2008] An article by Terry Davis in the Turkish press
[01/04/2008] Launch of a new TV database at the MIPTV
[17/03/2008] Turkey: ''Encourage democratic debate instead of preventing it''
[06/03/2008] Anti-torture Committee publishes report on Turkey
[25/02/2008] European Charter of Local Self-Government: delegation on visit to Turkey
[04/02/2008] New anti-corruption cooperation project for Turkey
[25/01/2008] Congress Spring Session in Malaga
[15/01/2008] René van der Linden in Ankara: constitutional and legislative reforms strengthen democratic progress
[11/01/2008] René van der Linden to discuss reforms in Turkey
[08/01/2008] Halvdan Skard: ''Violence in South-East Turkey plays into hands of extremists''
[12/12/2007] Interim Resolution on Turkey
[20/11/2007] Congress calls for reform of Turkish legislation on municipalities
[19/11/2007] Implementation of Human Rights Reforms in Turkey
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