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[07/06/2004] ECRI presents Recommandation on combating racism while fighting terrorism
[08/06/2004] ECRI releases reports on racism in the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece and Hungary
[02/06/2004] Committee of Ministers' meeting with President of ECRI
[28/05/2004] How to prevent Islamophobia among young people, theme of a conference in Budapest
[13/04/2004] Human Rights Commissioner visits Denmark
[07/04/2004] Walter Schwimmer welcomes ECRI consultation initiative on the fight against anti-Semitism
[19/03/2004] Combat racism through moral principles, the power of speech and the law, says Catherine Lalumière
[18/03/2004] Alvaro Gil-Robles calls for an all-out effort to combat intolerance and hatred
[18/03/2004] Peter Schieder: “Racism and intolerance are the quislings of terror”
[16/03/2004] Dimitrina Petrova: ''The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance is a driving force for us''
[16/03/2004] Racism is a demon that changes according to context, says Chair of ECRI
[15/03/2004] Council of Europe-Strasbourg debate tonight : ''Human Rights: an Ongoing Struggle''
[15/03/2004] Fighting racism at a time of terrorism and migration
[13/02/2004] International organisations review threats to security and stability
[05/02/2004] Fight against terrorism and trafficking in human beings of special importance to Council of Europe/OSCE cooperation, says Ivan Naydenov
[27/01/2004] Council of Europe: Five new reports on racism
[06/11/2003] Combating racism: seminar with ECRI’s key partners
[03/11/2003] ECRI releases its second report on San Marino
[27/10/2003] Council of Europe Deputy Secretary General to visit Romania
[17/10/2003] Criminalise anti-gay chanting at sports events, says Assembly committee
[07/10/2003] ECRI holds round table in Slovenia on the fight against racism
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