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[08/09/2006] Conference to launch a network of European cities for the integration of migrants - Dublin 11 September
[31/08/2006] Mass arrivals of migrants on Canary Isles: Parliamentary Assembly President calls for European response
[28/06/2006] Commissioner for Human Rights meets Turkish Prime Minister
[16/05/2006] Co-development and democracy: workshop on the socio-political role of migrants
[09/11/2005] INGO Forum: ''Integration of Migrants in Europe: what role for NGOs?''
[05/10/2005] 7-8 Oct: Council of Europe workshop focuses on North-South financing
[29/09/2005] Workshop on funding of co-development (Lisbon, 7-8 October)
[23/05/2005] Address migration in terms of mobility rather than integration
[28/04/2005] Migrants should respect laws and basic values of Europe, say parliamentarians
[15/04/2005] David Kavanagh: ''police should be a service, not a force of order''
[07/04/2005] ''Today’s migrants are the keys to tomorrow’s economic success''
[18/03/2005] 18-19 March: The North-South Centre organizes a workshop on ''Migrants: economic players in their countries of origin''
[10/03/2005] 11 March: Congress Committee observes five-minute silence
[07/12/2004] Media guidelines on how to report on migrant issues
[12/11/2004] Commission against Racism: Round Table in Greece
[29/09/2004] Maud de Boer-Buquicchio : ''Migration, one of the main issues to be discussed at the Summit''
[27/09/2004] Council of Europe Conference in Istanbul focuses on the situation of migrants in transit countries
[12/07/2004] Congress welcomes decision to allow the “Cap Anamur” to land
[27/05/2004] Euro-Mediterranean conference on social security
[26/04/2004] Time for a European Migration Agency, say parliamentarians
[22/04/2004] Seminar on role of migrants: actors and partners in development
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