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[16/09/2008] Netherlands: Thomas Hammarberg to assess human rights situation
[05/09/2008] Yavuz Mildon: ''Human rights don’t have a sell-by date''
[04/09/2008] Corien Jonker: encourage migrants to become active in the democratic process
[23/06/2008] Thomas Hammarberg : Migrants are not criminals
[25/06/2008] Assembly debate on the situation of democracy in Europe
[20/06/2008] Statement of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI)
[28/05/2008] Esther Maurer: ''Housing must not be a factor of discrimination against migrants''
[20/05/2008] Legal and political measures to improve migrants' democratic participation in Europe
[29/04/2008] Corien Jonker calls for an investigation into ''deaths of irregular migrants''
[07/04/2008] Halvdan Skard: ''Cities are the historical stakeholders in the field of integration of migrants''
[04/04/2008] International conference on European cities integrating migrants
[31/03/2008] Assembly President and Greek President agree more action needed to integrate migrants
[17/12/2007] Irregular migrants: Assembly committee disagrees with European Union
[17/12/2007] Thomas Hammarberg: Viewpoint on the new European migration policy
[23/11/2007] Thomas Hammarberg on visit to Ireland
[22/11/2007] Emergency healthcare should be available to irregular migrants
[22/11/2007] Opening of the Conference of European Health Ministers in Bratislava
[20/11/2007] Fact-finding mission in Latvia
[25/10/2007] Parliamentary Assembly: ''to clarify rights of regular and irregular migrants''
[25/10/2007] Thomas Hammarberg: ''States should secure an easier access to justice for children, migrants and asylum-seekers''
[17/10/2007] Assembly rapporteur's visit to Malta
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