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[17/10/2007] Assembly rapporteur's visit to Malta
[12/10/2007] Belgrade: Seminar on helping human trafficking victims
[02/10/2007] Transit centres for migrants and asylum-seekers: parliamentarians set conditions
[04/09/2007] Mass arrival of migrants: Assembly rapporteur calls for action
[08/08/2007] ''All different All Equal'' campaign features on Euronews
[05/06/2007] Cultures and Human Rights of the Mediterranean Area
[04/06/2007] Statement by Commissioner for Human Rights
[16/05/2007] Migrants, actors and vectors of intercultural dialogue
[11/05/2007] Call for Euro-Mediterranean Migration Observatory
[19/03/2007] John Greenway: ''Europe has a lot to learn from Spain’s experience''
[15/12/2006] ''People will always migrate from despair towards hope''
[14/12/2006] Workshop on ''Migration Policies, Media and the Image of Migrants''
[12/12/2006] Regularisation of illegal migrants: ''We have to break the cycle of breaches of law and human rights''
[08/12/2006] Regularisation of illegal immigrants
[03/11/2006] Conference to tackle irregular migration
[05/10/2006] Production and broadcasting of programmes for and by migrants
[05/10/2006] Mass arrival of irregular migrants on Europe's Southern shores
[04/10/2006] Controlled migration flows may have a positive effect on world growth
[29/09/2006] Parliamentary Assembly session: debate on the situation in the Balkans
[11/09/2006] Congress launches network of European cities for the integration of migrants
[08/09/2006] Conference to launch a network of European cities for the integration of migrants - Dublin 11 September
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