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[31/10/2007] Fight against racism: a social approach at local and regional level
[01/10/2007] Tackling racism in policing
[05/06/2007] Fighting racism in Georgia
[21/05/2007] Reports on racism in Azerbaijan, Finland, Ireland and Monaco
[25/04/2007] Fight against Racism: Round Table in Italy
[05/04/2007] Etienne Van Vaerenberg: ''Sport is an excellent means of social integration''
[02/04/2007] ''The role of sport is to bring people together and not to divide them''
[29/03/2007] International conference: ''Sports, Violence and Racism in Europe''
[20/03/2007] 40 measures for combating racism at school
[20/03/2007] Thomas Hammarberg on visit to Poland
[20/02/2007] Non-discrimination and positive action
[09/02/2007] Publication of five new reports on racism
[22/01/2007] René van der Linden unanimously re-elected Parliamentary Assembly President
[18/12/2006] Thomas Hammarberg publishes 'Viewpoint' on Xenophobia
[18/12/2006] ECRI deeply concerned by recent events affecting Georgians in Russia
[13/12/2006] Meeting of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance
[06/11/2006] Freedom of expression and the fight against racism
[17/10/2006] René van der Linden welcomes ''Football against racism in Europe'' action week
[14/09/2006] ''The All Different, All Equal campaign is a liberation movement'', Maud de Boer-Buquicchio
[04/10/2006] Fight against racism and intolerance: round table in Denmark
[30/06/2006] World Cup: ''The international community must declare racism offside'', says René van der Linden
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