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[28/05/2009] Readmission agreements: a neutral mechanism or a threat to irregular migrants?
[06/04/2009] Turin: Conference ''Europe, women and work''
[31/03/2009] Terry Davis comments on migrants deaths off Libyan coast
[26/03/2009] Maud de Boer-Buquicchio speaks about unaccompanied minors at a hearing in the Hague
[24/03/2009] Forced return of migrants: an Assembly hearing in The Hague
[11/03/2009] Netherlands: ''Progress made but more efforts needed to ensure the implementation of human rights standards''
[27/02/2009] 2-3 March, Brussels: Seminar on policies and practices concerning elderly migrants
[20/02/2009] Fast deterioration of the situation of ‘boat people’ in Lampedusa
[19/02/2009] Seminar on migration: Unaccompanied minors and forced returns
[17/02/2009] Seminar on migration: Unaccompanied minors and forced returns
[12/12/2008] Cyprus: Commissioner Hammarberg recommends more efforts on migrants and trafficking
[10/12/2008] Thomas Hammarberg: visit to Belgium
[02/12/2008] Oskars Kastens: ''The right to vote is an integral part of citizenship''
[24/11/2008] Conference in Greece on media and migrants
[24/11/2008] Assembly Standing Committee in Madrid: debate on the arrival of ''boat people'' in Europe
[13/11/2008] Ludmila Sfirloaga: Integration of migrants through participation and equal treatment
[16/10/2008] Ian Micallef: ''Migrants should be regarded as an asset contributing to local economy''
[29/09/2008] ''It is wrong to criminalise migration''
[29/09/2008] Jorge Pizarro calls on Assembly members to protect the human rights of immigrants
[18/09/2008] United Kingdom: Thomas Hammarberg releases report on asylum-seekers and immigrants
[16/09/2008] Netherlands: Thomas Hammarberg to assess human rights situation
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