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[02/03/2010] Fight against racism: reports on Albania, Austria, Estonia and United Kingdom
[01/12/2009] Statement by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance
[30/11/2009] Thomas Hammarberg: ''Europe should embrace multiculturalism and avoid narrow definitions of national identities''
[26/11/2009] Hungary: Thomas Hammarberg continues dialogue to eradicate intolerance and discrimination
[09/11/2009] ECRI round table in Hungary on the fight against racism
[15/10/2009] Conference ''Fight Against Racism and Violence through Diversity in Sport''
[15/10/2009] Kosovo: bringing ethnic communities closer together
[15/10/2009] Hungary: Thomas Hammarberg recommends further action to eradicate intolerance and discrimination
[15/09/2009] Racism: New reports on Czech Republic, Greece and Switzerland
[10/06/2009] Arsène Wenger champions European anti-racism campaign
[26/05/2009] Fight against racism and intolerance: annual report
[25/05/2009] ECRI: new reports on Belgium, Germany and Slovakia
[04/05/2009] Combating racism and intolerance in Ukraine
[23/04/2009] Paris joins the anti-discrimination campaign
[22/04/2009] Lluís Maria de Puig: statement on the Durban Review Conference
[21/04/2009] Geneva: Terry Davis at Durban Review Conference
[20/04/2009] Terry Davis participated in Durban Review Conference
[14/04/2009] Racism: ''Europeans should be more self-critical''
[20/03/2009] Fighting racism and xenophobia
[19/03/2009] Combating racism in sports
[24/02/2009] Communicating on racism and racial discrimination
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