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[14/04/2011] ''Boat people'' from North Africa are the responsibility of all Europe
[14/04/2011] Europe must make migration policies more humane
[11/04/2011] Council of Europe now has greater relevance - fewer activities, more action to follow
[01/04/2011] Assembly President reacts to death of 27 migrants in the Mediterranean
[28/03/2011] Protect human rights of migrants in Malta
[18/03/2011] Greece must improve conditions of detention
[15/03/2011] Anti-torture Committee criticises Greece over irregular migrants conditions
[11/03/2011] Hearing on EU migration and asylum policy
[17/02/2011] Anti-torture Committee publishes report on Malta
[15/02/2011] Istanbul: human rights dimensions of migration in Europe
[03/02/2011] Anti-torture Committee visits Greece
[02/02/2011] Restrictive laws prevent families from reuniting
[27/01/2011] Traian Bãsescu: National minorities should be further protected in Europe
[16/12/2010] Ahmet Davutoglu: Migration is strength and not threat for Europe
[24/11/2010] International Migrants Day, 18 December
[23/11/2010] Europe should accept more refugees in need of safe resettlement
[17/11/2010] Anti-torture Committee publishes report on Greece
[21/09/2010] Improvements needed to uphold migrants’ rights in France
[24/08/2010] ECRI deeply concerned by situation of Roma in France
[06/07/2010] Human rights in Libya: Thomas Hammarberg requests information from Italy
[23/06/2010] Irregular migrants: readmission agreements and voluntary return programmes
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