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Second International Alumni Seminar (Sarajevo, 25-26 June)

The Alumni Seminar of the Council of Europe Schools of Political Studies brings together former participants in the Schools who have achieved high office in their field, nationally or internationally. Participants will explore the theme “Defending Democracy, Freedom and Human Dignity against Internal and External Threats” and their findings will provide input to the World Forum for Democracy which takes place in Strasbourg each year.

Mr Ivo KOMSIC, Mayor of Sarajevo, will make the opening address at the 2nd International Alumni Seminar of the Council of Europe Schools of Political Studies, Hotel Hollywood, Sarajevo, from 25-26 June 2015. He will also host a reception for the seminar participants at the National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Launch of 'Debates on Democratic Security' on 1 June - Ismail Serageldin on 'Countering radicalisation and extremism'  (1 June 2015)

Inaugural Debate - Dr. SerageldinOn 1 June,the Directorate of Policy Planning launched a new series of debates on Democratic Security. The inaugural debate was introduced by Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Director of Bibliotheca Alexandrina and an important public figure in Egypt, on the rise of extremism and radicalisation and ways we can work together to counter this trend.

Dr. Serageldin’s speech was followed by a discussion with a numerous  audience.

More on the series of 'Debates on Democratic Security'

. Conference video recordings

. Video recording of interview

. Conference audio recording (available soon)

. Text of speech (available soon)

Secretary General's Report on State of Democracy, Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Europe - Now published (29 April 2015)

SG_HR_ReportSecretary General's Report on State of Democracy, Human Rights and the Rule of  Law in Europe was issued on 29 April 2015.

In his report, entitled 'A shared responsibility for democratic security in Europe', Thorbjørn Jagland, cites judicial weaknesses and media freedom as top human rights concerns.

See Link to Report

‘Democracy and Security’ - Informal meeting of Council of Europe Policy Planners - 16-17 April, Strasbourg)

Policy Planners April 2015
On 16 and 17 April, an informal meeting gathered policy planning specialists and representatives of international organisations to exchange on the subject of ‘Democracy and Security’ in Europe. The meeting provided an opportunity for the Policy Planning Directors from Member States of the Council of Europe to discuss in an informal manner the existing challenges to Europe’s political, social and economic models, and adequate responses by European countries, the Council of Europe and other international bodies.

Director Matjaž Gruden presented the framework of the upcoming Annual Report on the State of Democracy, Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Europe of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe. The debate was introduced by the interventions by Jan-Werner Müller, Professor from Princeton University, Richard Youngs, Senior Associate from the Democracy and Rule of Law Program at Carnegie Europe think tank, and István Gyarmati, President of the International Centre for Democratic Transition. (...)

Platform to strengthen the protection of journalism and to promote safety of journalists - 47 alerts to date  (15 May 2015)

Visual IDSince the launch on 2 April of the platform, the five organisations which have partnered with the Council of Europe – Article 19, the Association of European Journalists, the European Federation of Journalists, the International Federation of Journalists and Reporters Without Borders – have reported 47 cases of alleged serious media freedom violations in 14 member states.

On the occasion of the World Press Freedom day, Council of Europe Secretary General stated that "The platform for the safety of journalists will allow us to be more assertive in defending these rights. Several of these alerts have seen positive developments and I look forward to engaging in dialogue with member States to identify possible remedies to all the other cases of the platform”.

Directors of Council of Europe Schools of Political Studies meet in Budva (Montenegro) on 30 - 31 March (March 2015)

SPS_Budva_meeting_2015The Directors of the Council of Europe Schools of Political Studies held their Spring meeting in Budva, Montenegro, on 30-31 March,  at the invitation of the School of Democratic Leadership, Podgorica.

The meeting, which was opened by Mr Igor Lukšić, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Montenegro , enabled the Directors to exchange on current challenges and future orientations of the Network of Schools of Political Studies. Participants also shared views on past activities and forthcoming ones, including the Seminar of Schools alumni to take place in Sarajevo at the end of June and the 4th World Forum for Democracy, to take place in Strasbourg on 18-20 November 2015.

The Directors’ meeting also included a workshop on ‘Threats to liberal democracy: a challenge to civil society’.

A revised mandate for DPP (Feb. 2015)

Following the decision taken by the Secretary General, after his re-election in September 2014, to contribute to increasing the operational capacity of the Organisation, the Directorate of Policy Planning has now revised its mandate. In addition to its policy planning activities and support to the network of the Schools of Political Studies, including in the run up to the World Forum for Democracy, it has been assigned two new tasks :

  • Preparation of the Secretary General’s Annual Report on the State of Democracy, Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Europe;
  • Co-ordination of the ‘Platform for the Protection of Journalism and the Safety of Journalists’, and to ensure follow-up actions and future developments.

New Director of Policy Planning (Jan. 2015)

M. Gruden

Mr Matjaž Gruden, former Deputy Director of the Private Office of the Secretary General, has been appointed to the post of Director of Policy Planning of the Council of Europe, with effect from 1 January 2015.

The Council of Europe and University Chairs Meeting ‘Towards an Enhanced Role of the Council of Europe in University Teaching and Research’ (Dec. 2014)

AcademicsIn order to strengthen the relationship with universities, the Directorate of Policy Planning, in co-operation with the Directorate General of Human Rights and Rule of Law (DGI) and the Directorate General of Democracy (DGII), organised a meeting on 3 December with representatives of leading European institutions of higher education. These include the University of Oxford, Istanbul Bilgi University, European University Institute (Florence), University of Sarajevo, Central European University (Budapest) and the European Humanities University (Belarussian University in exile, Vilnius). More..

'Policy Development and Confidence Building Workshop for Civil Society Leaders and Policy Makers from the Black Sea Region' - Budapest, 6-10 October 2014 (7 Oct. 2014)

Black_sea_semIn view of the turning points the Black Sea region is facing, the Council of Europe has organised, in co-operation with the School of Public Policy at Central European University, a “Policy Development and Confidence Building Workshop for Civil Society Leaders and Policy Makers from the Black Sea Region” in order to provide an opportunity to engage in thoughtful and in-depth discussions about some of the most compelling issues confronting the region today.

The objective of the workshop was to provide a forum for innovative thinkers from civil society organisations, researchers from policy think tanks and policy makers from the Black Sea region, i.e. Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia to discuss and develop practical, equitable and sustainable solutions to regional policy problems. Thirty-two researchers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, and activists from those countries traveled to Budapest to participate in a series of engaging discussions to develop practical solutions to regional policy problems in the areas of democratic institution building, human rights, cooperative security policy, and transition economics. Read more

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