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The ALER-T (Awareness laboratory for early response - Team) initiative was launched in order to increase the Council of Europe’s early warning capacity by, on the one hand, anticipating emerging risks and problems, and on the other hand, strengthening the Organisation’s capacity to provide an early response to such developments.

The meetings are informal ‘round-tables’ aimed at reinforcing a horizontal and transversal perspective to CoE policies and strategies.

Main policy findings (June 2011 - April 2013)

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ALER-T participants

Senior and middle managers representing all major administrative entities (MAEs).

MAEs have designated a representative to the ALER-Team who may, if appropriate, be accompanied or replaced by a colleague with specific expertise on the issue under review. At each meeting, a Council of Europe staff member with particularly relevant knowledge is invited to make a succinct paper/introduction in order to help focus the discussion.


Suggestions for ALER-T topics ?

Please contact us for any suggestion on future ALER-T meetings (alberto.maynar-aguilar{a}coe.int)
ALER-T 51: Switzerland in Europe after the Referendum on Immigration Quotas
ALER-T_50: Is the Funding of our Co-operation Sustainable?
ALER-T 49: Turkey: Is it really about Social Media?
ALER-T_48: Bosnia and Herzegovina: Constitutional Reform and Political Assessment
ALER-T_47: Smart Power – Ways of Enhancing the Council of Europe’s Impact - Exchange of views on the advisory report by the task force of European think tanks
ALER-T 46: The Ukraine Stand-off - Could the Council of Europe Contribute to a Solution?
ALER-T 45: Snooping on Peoples Privacy – the Implications of Internet Mass Surveillance on Human Rights
ALER-T 44: The Council of Europe without the UK?
ALER-T 43: Policing Demonstration and Human Rights
ALER-T 42: Drug e-Trafficking and Human Rights
ALER-T 41: Emerging Technologies and Human Rights
ALER-T 40: Access to Justice – Crisis or Cry of Alarm?
ALER-T 39: Creative Sanctions against Non-compliant Member States
ALER-T 38: Internet Governance and Public-Private Partnerships: Lessons Learnt
ALER-T 37: Islamic Law in Europe'
ALER-T 36: The secular and the religious - the CoE and a "European Cultural War"
ALER-T 35: Reforming cooperation between NGOs and the Council of Europe
ALER-T 34: Limits of the Standard-Setting Business
ALER-T 33: Changing population attitudes on key human rights aspects
ALER-T 32: Sport, Nationalism and Xenophobia
ALER-T 31: New Anti-Semitism in Europe? – Context and Possible Responses
ALER-T 30: Salafism and Human Rights
ALER-T 29: The Impact of Environmental Issues on Human Rights
ALER-T 28: From the Euro-crisis to a new European Project'
ALER-T 27: Migration
ALER-T 26: The rise of “meta-parties in Europe and the concept of liquid democracy
ALER-T 25: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Community'
ALER-T 24: The Elderly and Ageism
ALER-T 23: Promoting Better Gender Balance in Political and Corporate Decision-making Bodies
ALER-T 22: How can we usefully include the concept of 'the commons' in the democracy and human rights paradigm promoted by the Council of Europe ?
ALER-T 21: The Use and Abuse of History in Times of Crisis: the Perils of Europe being Haunted by Diverging Interpretations of History
ALER-T 20: Anti-Piracy laws (ACTA, PIPA) and the freedom of expression
ALER-T 19: Concentration of power (executive dominance, parliamentary super-majorities, etc.)
ALER-T 18: The Crisis of the Euro, the future of the European Union and the implications for the Council of Europe
ALER-T 17 (Stocktaking meeting - No synopsis)
ALER-T 16: The Rule of Law and Financial Institutions
ALER-T 15: Corruption and Human Rights
ALER-T 14: Fighting the crisis without undermining social cohesion: can Europe meet the challenge?
ALER-T 13: The democratic implications of government attempts to limit or restrict social media as a response to civil unrest
ALER-T 12: Challenges to the concept of the rule of law
ALER-T 11: Report of Group of Eminent Persons (GEP) on ‘Living together: Combining diversity and freedom in 21st-century Europe’ - Possible points to be prioritised
ALER-T 10: Exchange of views on working methods, results and impact and possible next steps
ALER-T 9: Declining involvement of young people in political life in member states
ALER-T 8: Freedom of expression
ALER-T 7: Political extremism
ALER-T 6: Migration and humanitarian issues (Part 2)
ALER-T 5: Migration and humanitarian issues (Part 1)
ALER-T 4: A reassessment of multiculturalism (Part 2)
ALER-T 3: A reassessment of multiculturalism (Part 1)
ALER-T 2: Challenges to the authority of the European Court of Human Rights
ALER-T 1: 'Emerging issues'