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Rationale of the Open Thoughts papers (OTPs)
The ‘Open Thoughts Papers’ is a conceptual initiative, which was launched by the Directorate of Policy Planning. They are a new series of conceptual notes designed to inject in the Organisation new ideas from outside sources and stimulate innovative thinking and feedback from higher Council of Europe officials.

They are based on publications and results of research by the academic community.

Open thoughts papers

Among the papers that have been prepared:
  • OTP 1: Thinking on Europe’s Future by the European Council on Foreign Relations
  • OTP 3: Global Scenarios until 2030: Implications for Europe and its Institutions
  • OTP 4: ‘The Changing Geopolitical Environment for Europe and the Potential of a “Triangle Vision’
  • OTP 5: Global Scenarios until 2030: Citizens in an Interconnected and Polycentric World: Determining the Challenges and Opportunities for Europe
  • OTP 8: European Standards of Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law and the So-called ‘Asian Values’.
  • OTP 9: ‘The Council of Europe: Time for Reform’
  • OTP 10: Policy Implications Arising from 123rd Session of Committee of Ministers in Strasbourg on 17 May 2013
  • OTP 12: ‘Recent Developments in Human Rights Protection Systems in Latin America’
  • OTP 13:New Initiative for a Federal Europe: ‘The Treaty of Bozar’ Based on the following source: ‘A Fundamental Law of the EU’, The Spinelli Group, Bertelsmann Stiftung
  • OTP 14: Kosovo’s path to the Council of Europe
  • OTP 15: Secessionism in Western Europe
  • OTP 17: Global Challenges and their Impact on Human Rights Break the Gridlock or Risk an Unstable Future
  • OTP 18: 'The Curious Case of the Fall in Crime : The Rise of Human Rights?’
  • OTP 19: 'Big date: A blessing or a threat to Human Rights?'
  • OTP 20: 'The influence of the European Court of human rights on human rights' policy making in Europe'
  • OTP 21: 'The right to food: Should Europeans care?'
  • OTP 22: Democracy in the Western Balkans: slipping towards a model of managed democracy?
  • OTP 23:
  • The Role of Experts in Decision-making and the Council of Europe