Strasbourg, 2 April 2014



Monday, 7 April 2014
(11h – 13 h and 14h30 – 17h30)
Strasbourg, Agora – Room G05

1. Opening of the meeting by Jean-Marie Heydt, President of the Conference of INGOS

2. Draft agenda: for adoption

3. Nomination of the rapporteur of the meeting

4. Synopses of the meetings held on 27 and 29 January 2014 [CONF/SC(2014)SYN1] and [CONF/SC(2014)SYN2]: for adoption

5. Preparation of the June session of the Conference:
- Calendar of the Session
- Texts to be adopted
- Elections of the Chairs and Vice-chairs of the Committees
- Side-event (women – MENA region)

6. Assessment of the work of the Conference of INGOs on the theme “living together”: (item postponed from January’s meeting) (Alain Mouchoux)

7. World Forum for Democracy:

8. Follow-up to the Lisbon Forum: “Valuing civil society as actor of governance: perspectives for the South Mediterranean”: participation and implementation of the conclusions by the Conference of INGOs: drawing up of a benchmark framework for citizen participation at local level and dialogue between civil society and elected representatives (Jean-Marie Heydt, Isral Mensah)

9. Information on recent and upcoming events:

10. Work achievements of the working groups (item postponed from January’s meeting)

11. The Vclav Havel Human Rights prize: call for nominations

12. Item on participatory status

13. Other business