Non-Governmental Organisations


Strasbourg, 20 March 2013



Monday, 22 April 2013
11 am to 1 pm and 2.30 to 5.30 pm, room G 05

1. Opening of the meeting by the President, Jean-Marie Heydt

2. Agenda: for adoption

3. Synopses of the meetings held on Monday 21 and 23 January 2013 [CONF/SC(2013)SYN1 and SYN2] for adoption

      4. Exchange of views on events and actions in which members of the Standing Committee participated since the January session (to be prepared through short written reports by all those who want to bring something to the attention of the Standing Committee (15 min)

      5. Working methods (30 min)

    5.1 Lessons learnt from the preparation of the declaration on genuine democracy by a working group under the responsibility of the Democracy, Social Cohesion and Global Challenges Committee - Anne-Marie Chavanon, Jean-Marie Heydt

    5.2 Findings from the 4-yearly reports which concern the Conference of INGOs - Jane Crozier

6. Participatory Democracy

      6.1 Follow-up to the declaration on genuine democracy - Anne-Marie Chavanon, Jean-Bernard Marie (15 min)

      6.2 Interaction between NGOs and public authorities in the democratic process: preparation of the June session (30 min) – Anne-Marie Chavanon, Antonella Valmorbida
      · Which methods and structures for NGO participation in political decision making process do exist?
      · Which use is made of the Code of Good Practice?
      · Involvement of the INGO Conference in the “My Europe: young equal, inclusive” event organised by ALDA during the June session in order to promote the Code of Good Practice
      · Co-operation with the Congress in the promotion of the Code of Good Practice
      · How to involve civil society representatives from countries where the Council of Europe prepares co-operation programmes such as Azerbaijan, the Russian Federation and Ukraine, in the June session

    6.3 Confirmation of the existing working group on the promotion of the Code of Good Practice under the leadership of Antonella Valmorbida (5 min)

    6.4 Strasbourg World Forum for Democracy on “Rewiring democracy – reconnecting the citizens and democratic institutions in the information age, 27-29 November 2013 (30 min) – Jean-Marie Heydt, Jane Crozier

      · Responses to the call for expression of interest
      · Preparation of the lab sponsored by the INGO Conference
      · Preparation of a “meet the leaders” meeting sponsored by the INGO Conference (tbc)

7. Expert Council on NGO Law (30 min) – Cyril Ritchie

    7.1 Follow-up given to the meeting in December 2012

    7.2 Thematic and Country focus

    7.3 Place of the Expert Council in the Council of Europe’s “NGO Watch Function”

    7.4 Co-operation with the Venice Commission

8. Strategy for a concerted action by the Conference of INGOs in the Mediterranean neighbourhood countries

    8.1 Follow-up to the contact visit to Tunis (17-20 February 2013) - Jean-Marie Heydt, Alain Koskas (15 min)

    8.2 Follow-up to the round table on “Supporting the wishes, demands and priorities of women in the Arab world” (23 January 2013) - Betty Doornenbal (20 min)

    8.3 North-South Centre: participation of the Conference of INGOs in the Ad hoc Working Group of the Committee of Ministers on the Future of the Centre (GT-CNS) Jean-Marie Heydt (10 min)

    8.4 Progress of work of the working groups (15 min)

      · “Social and political evolutions in Southern Mediterranean countries” lead by Jean-Pierre Estival - Anne-Marie Chavanon
      · “Migrations and democracy: Situation, problems and examples of answers” lead by Jean-Claude Gonon and Silvano Marseglia – Anne-Marie Chavanon
      · “Mediterranean working space” of the Democracy, Social Cohesion and Global Challenges Committee – Anne-Marie Chavanon

    8.5 Preparation of the conference in Algeria (December 2013) – Sabine Rohmann (5 min)

    8.6 Global security in the Maghreb – Challenges and prospects – Gérard Greneron (5 min)

    8.7 Conference organised by the Moroccan Parliament – Veysel Filiz (5 min)

9. Preparation of the June Session – all members (10 min)

10. European Citizens Initiative (ECI) Movement towards a European Education Trust (MEET) : A high quality Education in Europe for all – Vera John-Mikolajewski, Sabine Rohmann (15 min)

        · If and how can the Conference of INGOs be a partner?

11. New representative of the Conference of INGOs to the CDDH, Jean-Bernard Marie : for approval.