Non-Governmental Organisations


Strasbourg, 27 September 2011



Monday 3 October (3 – 6 pm)
Strasbourg, Palais de l’Europe
Room 2

Opening of the meeting by the President

1. Agenda: for adoption

2. Synopsis of the meeting held on 20 June 2011 [CONF/SC(2011)SYN7]: for adoption

3. Recommendations following the opinion of the Expert Council on NGO Law on Azerbaijan: for adoption [link to the draft recommendations]

4. Follow-up to the NGO Forum on New Multicultural Challenges, 24-25 March 2011, Istanbul

    - presentation of the toolkit for the practice of intercultural dialogue by Christoph Spreng
    - decision on finalisation
    - agreement in principle for printing

    5. Civil Society Forum on “Living Together”, 13-14 November 2011, Strasbourg:
    - presentation of the programme for approval;
    - exchange of views on the session with the NGOs from Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia and the Conference’s possible action strategy for the countries on the southern shore of the Mediterranean;
    - exchange on follow-up to the forum in the work of the three committees;
    - information by Sabine Rohmann and Jean-Marie Heydt on their participation in the Lisbon forum on “The Arab Spring: a major step towards making universal rights real”, 3-4 November
    [link to the draft programme]

    6. Forum for the Future of Democracy on the Interdependence of Democracy and Social Cohesion, Limassol, 14-15 October:

      - presentation of programme;
      - discussion on the contribution of the INGO Conference
      - exchange of views on follow-up
      [link to the draft programme]

    7. Order of business of the January session: for information [link to the draft calendar]

8. Preparation of the elections in January

      - President of the Conference
      - Members of the Bureau
      - Gender equality expert