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The establishment of a "Lanzarote" working group within the Human Rights Committee of the Conference of INGOs

Framework document

With a view to contributing to the Council of Europe Strategy on the rights of the Child 2012-2015, the Conference of INGOs has chosen to focus on the One in Five Campaign and the Convention on Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse, also known as the Lanzarote Convention.

A working group has therefore been set up within the Human Rights Committee of the Conference of INGOs. This group has three objectives, which may evolve in keeping with the way in which the experience develops. Firstly, the aim is to identify and publicise good professional and para-professional practices in Council of Europe member states, focusing on co-operation between public institutions and organised civil society working in the field of the sexual abuse and exploitation of minors. Secondly to discuss with the stakeholders possible improvements that might be made in this field. In several countries organised civil society has made a substantial contribution to the development of measures for supporting child victims or the actors of sexual abuse or sexual exploitation. However, given the wide range of practices and of legislation in Council of Europe member states, the group will always carry out its work in a specific geographical area and work with stakeholders in the sectors concerned. To begin with we have started working in Paris with the relevant actors from the Département de la Seine (France), including representatives of the courts, the forensic medicine sector, the public and voluntary child welfare sector, the national education system and national NGOs. The shared expertise of this working group should lead to discussions and to new practices with regard to co-ordinated measures and procedures for inter-sectoral co-operation in the Paris area. This inter-sectoral work may well be applied at international level if the initial results of the discussions are considered to be positive.

President of Eurocef (European Committee for Home-Based Priority Action for the Child and the Family)
Conference of INGOs representative for family and childhood

Secretary General of the European Council of Police Trade Unions
Vice-Chair of the Conference of INGOs Human Rights Committee