Non-Governmental Organisations


    Strasbourg, 20 April 2011



    The Standing Committee, meeting in Paris on 11 March 2011, with the following present:

    President: JM Heydt
    Bureau: I Totsi, G Greneron, A Mouchoux, S Dimitroulias, M Muller
    Committees: A-M Chavanon, K Nordmeyer, S Rohmann, V Filiz, E Jagodnik, C Colpaert, G Nissim, M Julien
    Honorary Presidents: A Oeschger, C-L Genty
    President of the group of experts on NGO law: C Ritchie
    Secretariat: Jutta Gützkow

1. Adopted the synopsis of the meeting held on 27 January 2011 [CONF/SC(2011)SYN3] subject to some amendments.

2. Current affairs: Situation in the countries of the southern Mediterranean


        o to set up a policy steering group for the Istanbul Forum, comprising the members of the Standing Committee who would attend the forum, as well as Jutta Gützkow. The moderator of the group was Veysel Filiz, and it would begin its discussions before the forum;

        o to arrange a meeting between the President of the Conference and some NGOs from the countries concerned by the current crisis which were present in Istanbul;

        o to draw attention on that occasion to the Conference’s commitment and lengthy experience regarding global interdependence and solidarity, in particular through its presence and work at the North-South Centre.

3. Reform implementation


        o to hold two sessions of the Conference of INGOs a year, in January and June, during the sessions of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe;

        o to hold one forum (Great European civil debate) a year, on dates and at venues which would vary according to the topic chosen;

        o that the three committees (human rights; democracy, social cohesion and global challenges; education and culture) would have to co-operate closely with the other pillars of the Council of Europe;

        o that the three committees would each elect a chair and two vice-chairs in June 2011;

        o that close co-ordination between those in charge of the three committees was vital to their smooth functioning;

    Officially requested:

        o that the list of the NGOs which co-operated with the Parliamentary Assembly, the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities and the various Council of Europe directorates be submitted to the Standing Committee;

        o the list of NGOs holding partnership status with the Council of Europe.

    4. Great European civil debate event

      Agreed to drop the topic of voluntary work initially envisaged for the event. The topic for the autumn 2011 forum would be related to the events in the countries of the southern Mediterranean and developments in the course of 2011, in connection with and following on from the Istanbul NGO Forum held by the INGO Conference on 24 and 25 March 2011.

    5. Other business


        o that the Chair of the Expert Council on NGO Law would continue his term, while preparing for the period thereafter;

        o that following the problems encountered during the last session of the Conference, no more NGO delegations from Belarus would be invited for a certain period;

        o an NGO which already had an elected member was authorised to put forward a candidature for another election.

      The Standing Committee held an exchange of views with Mr Alexandre Guessel, member of the Private Office of the Secretary General.

    The Standing Committee would hold its next meeting in Strasbourg on 13 and 14 April.

    Rapporteurs: Gérard Greneron / Alain Mouchoux