Non-Governmental Organisations

Democracy, Social Cohesion
and Global Challenges Committee

Strasbourg, 03 January 2013

Draft Agenda
Tuesday 28 January 2014
14:30 - 18:00
Room G03, Agora

    1. Opening of the meeting and adoption of the agenda

    2. Adoption of the synopsis of the meeting of 26 June 2013 [CONF/DEM(2013)SYN2]

    3. Adoption of the 2013 activity report

    4. Which democracy do we want ?

      Introduction by Anne-Marie CHAVANON, Chair

      The ambition of the CEMAT (European Conference of Ministers in charge of territorial development) meeting, of the Strategy on Innovation and Good Governance at the local level and the new European committee on Democracy and Governance, by Alfonso ZARDI, Head of the Democratic institutions and Governance Department

      The intervention of Jo SPIEGEL, Haut-Rhin General Councilor, Mayor of Kingersheim, co-author of ‘Faire (re)naître la démocratie’ [towards a (re)birth of democracy]

      Witness reactions by Giulia MACI, IFHP Member (International Federation for Housing and Planning)


    5. Climate and Human Rights, an under estimated challenge: Conclusions of the Warsaw Conference, contribution of the committee. Preparation of the UNFCC Summits in New-York in 2014 and Paris in 2015 by Edith Wenger, head of the working group

    6. Torn Migration

      Introduction by Israël MENSAH, Vice-chair

      Syrian refugees in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq: how to organise and support international aid? Presentation of the report of Jean-Marie BOCKEL, Member of the Committee of Migrants, Refugees and Displaced Persons of the Parliamentarian Assembly of the Council of Europe by Agnès NOLLINGER, Head of the Secretariat of the Committee.

      Lampedusa, a symbol and a European responsability

      Panel discussion led by Silvano MARSEGLIA, President, and Jean-Claude GONON, Secretary General of the AEDE

      Gilles RECKINGER, anthropologist, professor at the University of Innsbruck, author of ‘Lampedusa:Begegnung am Rande Europas’ (Lampedusa, meeting at the borders of Europe).

      Debate on an action to support Lampedusa

    7. Updating on the ongoing evolutions in Eastern and Southern Mediterranean countries

      Exchange of views introduced by Jean-Pierre ESTIVAL, head on the working group and Anje WIERSINGA, Head ont the working group on Inclusing gender perspectives in political and democratic processes, particularly during and after conflicts.


        - Lilia BENSEDRINE, Foreign Affairs’ Advisor – Tunisia
        - Zeynab Hibaaq OSMAN, Founder and Director of the Karama NGO working in the MENA countries


    8. The 2014 committee work programme

    The activities of the working groups

        - European Citizenship, Hélène PICHON, head of the working group
        - Social Cohesion and Intercultural Dialogue, Israël MENSAH, Vice-Chair of the committee and head of the working group
        - Health and Habitat, Bernard AUBERT, head of the working group
        - Health and Mobility, Dr Thierry MATHIEU, head of the working group
        - Landscape, a social cohesion tool at threat, Gerhard ERMISCHER, head of the working group
        - Relations with the EU, Claude-Laurent GENTY, head of the working group

      Partnership with other bodies of the Council of Europe

        - Secretariat General and intergovernmental sector
        - Parliamentary Assembly
        - Congress of Local and Regional Authorities
        - Advisory Council on Youth
        - North South Centre

      Exchange of views with Eladio FERNANDEZ-GALIANO, Head of the Democratic Initiatives Department (tbc)

    10. Other business

    11. Next Meeting