Non-Governmental Organisations

Committee on Democracy, Social cohesion
and Global Challenges

Strasbourg, 10 January 2013

Draft Agenda
Tuesday 22 January 2013
14:30 - 18:00
Room G03, Agora


    8. Committee participation to the 2012 ministerial activity of the Council of Europe

      8.1. Twelfth Council of Europe Meeting of the Workshops for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention (and 16th International CEMAT Symposium) on “Vision for the future of Europe on territorial democracy: Landscape as a new strategy for spatial planning(Thessalonica, Greece, 2-3 October 2012)

        Patrice COLLIGNON, Director of RED, Gerhard ERMISHER, Head of the Working group on Landscape and Social Cohesion, Secretary general of CIVILSCAPE

      8.2. 9th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Youth (23-25 September 2012, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)
      Israël MENSAH, (OIEC) vice-president of the Committee

    9. Partnership with other Council of Europe bodies

      9.1. Migrations and democracy : presentation of the framework settled with the PACE Committee on Migrations, Refugees and Displaced Persons.
      Silvano MARSEGLIA, President, and Jean-Claude GONON, Secretary General of the Association européenne des enseignants (AEDE), Head of the ad hoc Working group
      Agnès NOLLINGER, Head of the Secretariat of the Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons.
      9.2. European democracy Week coordinated by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe
      Renate ZIKMUND, Head of the Communication and Election Observation Department of the Congress.
      9.3 Council of Europe Advisory Council on Youth
      Israël MENSAH
      Maria PASCHOU, President of the Advisory Council

    10. Information on the working groups’ activity
    10.1. Creation of a new Working group on “Governance and Major Risks” – Philippe GROLLEAU (Pax Romana) and Anne-Marie CHAVANON, International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP)
    10.2. Other Working groups

      European Citizenship Hélène PICHON, Head of the ad hoc Working group
      Housing and Health, Bernard AUBERT, Head of the ad hoc Working group
      Landscape, a social cohesion took at threat, Gerhard ERMISCHER, Head of the ad hoc Working group
      Relations with EU, Claude-Laurent GENTY, Head of the ad hoc Working group

    11. Council of Europe and external activities

      Presentation of internal and external relevant activities to the Committee by Vera JOHN-MIKOLAJEWSKI, Vice-president of the Committee

    12. Other business
    13. Next Meeting