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NEW! MELCLASS: Database on the legal classification of medicines as regards their supply: conditions and details of prescription status

The Partial Agreement Division in the Social and Public Health Field has developed a database which aims at:

facilitating the communication and exchange of information on the legal classification of medicines (under prescription/over the counter) between member states on a national level,

collecting this information in an efficient and standardised format,

allowing to manage the annual publication of the resolution of medicines which are obtainable only on a medical prescription as well as their exemptions from prescription, reports on medicines over the counter and the establishment of working documents for the committees,

making searches on specific information concerning the conditions and details on the legal classification.

The member states’ delegates supply the modifications concerning the legal classification of medicines (under prescription/over the counter) twice a year.

The information communicated is hosted in the database which is coordinated by the Secretariat and form the basis of the decisions taken by the Committee.

Link to the database