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Cosmetic products

The Partial Agreement in the Social and Public Health Field has been dissolved on 31 December 2008; activities related to cosmetic products and food packaging have been transferred to the European Pharmacopoeia !

For up to date information on current activities in the field of cosmetics and food packaging, please consult the website of the European Directorate for the quality of medicines and healthcare (EDQM) or contact EDQM directly via the EDQM HELPDESK.

Until 31 December 2008:

The terms of reference of the Committee of experts on cosmetics that existed within the Partial Agreement were related to precise problems concerning cosmetic products in their wide sense, and thus contributed to ensure appropriate consumer safety.
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Resolution ResAP(2008)1 on tattos and permanent make-up

Resolution ResAP(2003)2 on tattoos and permanent make-up

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Active ingredients used in cosmetics: safety survey (2008)

Plant preparations used as ingredients of cosmetic products, Volume I (2002)

Plant preparations used as ingredients of cosmetic products, Volume II (2001)

Cosmetic products - Borderline situations (2000)

Guidelines for good manufacturing practice of cosmetic products (GMPC) (1995) - available on request: e-mail:

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