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Teacher Training

The year 2001 saw the start of a co-operation between the Partial Agreement Division in the Social and Public Health Field, Directorate General III – Social Cohesion, and the Programme for the In-service training of Educational Staff Directorate General IV : Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport, concerning the training of teachers for children with special educational needs.

The European Seminar “Children with disabilities: the role of the school in social education and preparation for an independent life” took place at the Staatliche Akademie fr Lehrerfortbildung (“State Academy for Teacher Training”) in Donaueschingen from 15-17 October 2001.

The seminar was attended by some 40 educational staff from Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia,Germany, Greece, Hungary and Poland, many of them school headmasters. The working language was German. The trainers came from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

The European Seminar “Teaching without exclusion” (“Unterrichten ohne auszugrenzen”) took place at the same Academy from 18-22 November 2002. It was attended by 45 teachers, headmasters, school inspectors and other educational staff from 15 European countries. The working language was German. Teacher trainers came from the Czech Republic, Germany, and Hungary.

The seminar addressed the situation of pupils who are excluded or susceptible to exclusion due to cultural barriers, social disadvantages, or disability, in particular street children, young offenders, Roma/Gypsy children, and children with disabilities.

The overall aim was to provide teachers with practical tools and readily applicable instruments for use in their daily work, in order to enable them to (re)integrate children living in marginal situations into mainstream society.

Further details on the Council of Europe DG IV teacher training programme are available on the web site:

The complete seminar material of the European Seminar is available at the web site of the Donaueschingen Academy: